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  Super Performance Nutritional Supplements, What I Take / Schools For Sale Across America, Let's Buy Some of Them - In the first hour I go through my stash of supplements and identify that vitamins, minerals, herbs, aminos, enzymes, probiotics and compounds which I consider to be critical nutrition. We give detailed explanation on a dozen of the most powerful agents. Next, school closures in Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, DC, NYC and Kansas City have put hundreds of valuable real estate on the markets at "negotiable" prices. Why doesn't our African Centered movement make itself known as the critical foce of revitalization and rejuvenation of these valuable properties? Are we "faking the funk?"
Full-Spectrum Hyper Nutrition Research - This is the 15th chapter of the soon-to-be-released book LIVING SUPERFOOD RESEARCH and the chapter in which we focus on the foundation theme of full-spectrum nutrition. The human machine is truly a miracle of creation and is designed to repair, restore and rejuvenate itself. Yet, we see such waves of chronic disease affecting whole populations largely due to the neglegence of people to comprehend the role of optimized nutrition toward maintaining the health which is our birthright. In the simplest language necessary, we show how this awareness gap can be overcome in a remarkably short time with a few lifestyle changes.

researchSCOMING SOON - LIVING SUPERFOOD RESEARCH Book Publishing - At a point people have to realize that we must take responsibility to save ourselves from committing “chewicide.” A persistent problem remains that the food that many are eating negatively impacts basic brain function and intelligence. Commercial advertising has for decades been based not upon logic and practicality, but has appealed to illogical, deeply-rooted emotions and superficial motivations. Our first step is to come back to our senses and recognize that there is a difference between healthy food and that which sustains deadly profits. We have more accurate scientific information than ever before on how the body systems function together and the role of full-spectrum nutrition in optimizing these systems. You can make a donation today to get this book to the printer in 30 days. Our vision is to put 10,000 copies of this book into the community and to change the way that we manage our healthcare resources.

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  EBT Glitch at Walmart and the Federal Debt Crisis / US Dollar in Rapid Decline in Global Economy - First up we look at the crazy display which took place in Louisiana when an Internet glitch ended up giving away many thousands of dollars of free food to poor people. It got CRAZY all around. How do we see this as a test of what might happen if austerity continues to get worse? Next, we look at the immediate aftermath of the budget deal in the federal governemnt and the rapid decline of the dollar as a stable global currency reserve. What are the long term effects of the mismanagement of the U.S. economy around the world? How are China, Russia, the EU and other powers planning for a post-dollar global market exchange? (LIBMP3-3196) African American Consumer Patterns Nielson Report / Dr. Angelo Reynolds Combatting Illiteracy in Black Children - In the first hour we look at the tremendous resources available to 43 million Blacks in the U.S., including 11% non-American Blacks, and how this group has distinct consumer patterns which could be redirected toward sustainable empowerment. Our habits to watch too much nonesense television and spend money on vanity, stand out among factors holding us back. Next, the psychologist goes deep into the root causes of low literacy and academic performance among black youth. We point out some of the major tactics that individuals, families and the larger group to raise our children's literacy and economic outlook. (LIBMP3-3197) Falcon Forum Vol 407 - Topics include: Behind the scenes of the federal budget deal; BRICS challenge to western economic hegemony; how Putin punked Obama over Syria; comparing recent war history of BRICS to that of the U.S.; the wounded national governance; EU and UK cutting deals with China; the declining dollar as world currency reserve; the merging of the Reps and the Dems; the media promotion of holiday consumerism; ObamaCare as another wealth transfer; wealthy rats abandoning Americas ship; 5 cities close over 300 schools; cities for sale; China building a huge Central American canal; the collapse of HBCU's; the rebuilding of a black economy; Kujichagulia Villages; African Centered education models of success; and more...
Discordant Harmonies Book Study Vol 2: Pt 1 Why the Elephants Died / Pt 2 Changing Mathematical Models of Ecology - Today's study seeion focuses on the evolution of ecological thought and strategies in recent centuries. First is an examination of the Tsavo National Park in Kenya and the way that colonial management of wildlife in Africa has produced catastrophic disasters based upon faulty premises. Similarly the same strategies applied to fishery management have failed miserably. Next, as ecological thought evolved within western science over the centuries, complex models constantly failed to grow reliable enough to be able to predict the complex interraction of primary and seconday species.This is an excellent example of our how best sciences still are inadequate based upon our current stage of awareness. (LIBMP3-3193B)
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  Mad Cowboy Book Study Volumes 1-5 Collection on MP3 - Howard Lyman's research has completely upset the beef, pork dairy and poultry industries. He exposes such subjects as the roots of "mad cow syndrome", use of GMO foods in animal feed, antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, pesticides and other major contaminants of the animal food industries. In addition, irreparable damage to the environment is one of the other legacies of the moder factory farming industries. Is even necessary that we eat meat, so much that the meat lobbying agencies spend billions buying influence throughout the government and media to keep their products profitable. What this hell is going on here and why do we buy into this great lie about meat and dairy? $10 for the entire collection.
Discordant Harmonies Book Study Vol 1 Introduction & View From The Marshes - This is our first volume of study of the book by Daniel Botkin which explores "A New Ecology for the Twenty-First Century." The author looks at familiar themes of environmental protection, global warming, and the impace that humans have on the biosphere. His perspective it distinct from many others and the book came to me highly recommended by Dr. Nancy Banks, author of AIDS, OPIUM, DIAMONDS AND EMPIRE. This is a level of scientific and anthropological analysis that many of us may be unfamiliar with. It is critical that we also take our historic place in marshaling the world's resources toward sustainability. (LIBMP3-3193A) Federal Budget Deal and Cuts to Entitlements Challenge to the Poor / Rescue Plan for Urban School Closings and Failing Urban Economies - In the first hour we look at details of the proposed solution to the current federal budget standoff and partial government shutdown. What is being traded off is the federal investment in the social net which keeps families and the poor from dropping through the bottom of the economy. We see this as just another wealth transfer further benefiting the entrenched wealthy class. Next, with the closing of nearly 400 schools in just five cities with large black urban concentrations, we come with an alternative plan which integrates a dozen different social and economic systems towards creating an alternative pathway to sustainable urban economic development. This is the plan that our leaderhsip has consistently failed to imagine. (LIBMP3-3194) Ultrasounds are Too Risky for Routine Use in Pregnancy / Turning Pregnancy into Profitable Sickness - In our first hour we share with those who didn't already know that the common practice of pregnancy sonagrams has been associated with a number of risks of learning disabilities, miscarriages and genetic effects. Ultrasounds also make a lot of money for those who are pushing this EMR intrusion. Is it worth it? Next, we examine the broader issue of how one of the most natural acts of every species, that of giving birth, has become a source of profitability for the medical-pharmaceutical complex. Parents and soon-to-be parents beware because they are coming after your babies and your wallets. (LIBMP3-3195)
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  Education Gap Between America and the Developed World / Technology Solutions for Urban Development with Wisdom 2 See - In the first hour we cover a new report from the U.S. Dept of Education which exposes the low ranking of Americans with regard to literacy, math and problem solving, compared to other developed nations. As well, the education gap within this country is widening and the average intelligence of the citizenry is being undermined. Next, we have a discussion of how using cutting edge green technologies can provide a very good economic base for Blacks as well as for entire cities jeopardized by urban economic blight. There is great reason to be optimistic. (LIBMP3-3190) Breaking Iraq Who Will Fix It? / Reality Raps with Min Amlak and Amare Meleke - In the first segment we look at the terrible status of Iraq as it has been left behind after the U.S. led invasion. Was it truly criminal to have targeted and assaulted this nation? What did Obama do to make it better other than get out? Next, our guests have created a series of recordings blending spoken word with jazz music toward the aim of transforming our minds in order to create more humane societies. We share samples of these recordings and talk about the role of artists as leadership for a transformed society. (LIBMP3-3191) Why are YOU on Facebook? / Customer Attraction Power - In the first hour we discuss the popular social networking site and ask of our audience what motivates them to engage so many hours on FB. It really comes down to three choices: social, collaborate or marketing networking. Some people use if for all three. This because very important for our development as individuals or as a collecdtive. In the second hour, Aunkh Aakhu w/ Conscious Rasta discuss how to get distinct advantages for marketing for Black ownned businesses in tough economic times. There are critical areas and techniques which serve our distinct advantage. We have got to turn around our economic decline and this is the exact type of research that can solve this dilemma. (LIBMP3-3192) No Happy Cows Book Study Volumes 1-6 - This is the complete MP3 collection of the book by John Robbins which covers some pretty profound research on nutrition science, vegetarianism, the toxic impact of moder meat production, the good and bad news about soy products, impact of GMO, the way that corporations produce and market toxic foods to our children and families, as well as a spectrum of ways in which we can take our power back from corporations and the medical industries. Food is much, much more than something that satisties our periodic discomfort from hunger cravings. You truly ARE what you eat. Now we ask, "What are YOU eating?" Get the whole collection of over 12 hours study for $10 specially priced. (LIBMP3-3163All)
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  Fatal Flaws in Peer-Review Science Publications / Solar Decathlon 2013 Begins and We Aren't Paying Attention - First up, we look at the way that the scientific community has become corrupted and is feeding a spate of poorly researched science into the public domain. The role of big money, corporate avarice, faulty regulatory agencies and a spate of phone research journals has put many of us in danger from the impact of bad science. Next, the semi-annual contest sponsored by the Dept. of Energy is now on display in California for two weekends. What have we been missing by not paying attention to this cutting-edge technological display of practical off-the-grid living and ecological economics? We'd better catch up quickly. This is the future of housing in the developed world. (LIBMP3-3188) Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine Collection on PDF - This zipped folder contains appoximately 100 research papers covering biology, microbiology, cellular function, the body systems, micronutrients, nutritional therapy, disease statistics, genetics, lists of good and bad foods, lifestyle habits, herbs, and strageties to prevent or reverse heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer's disease, brain disorders and also includes numerous strategies for longevity. $25 for the entire package (PDF-CN2) The Falcon Forum Vol 406 - Topics include: Western security assults on Somalia & Libya; Saracen Int'l and the growth of mercenary armies; subterfuge and false flag ops; the new austare military is spec ops and drones; the rise of a new paramilitary in the U.S.; silent "coup" in D.C. over Syria; why Obama canceled important Asian meetings; inside the constitutional patriot movement; DC killings and mental illness; unnatural living and psychological stresses; practical changes that lead to transformation; healing body and society; Kujichagulia Villages and intentional communities; drug-addicted America; predicting the end of the budget standoff; Blacks leading the health movement; solutions for resources, economics, creative reconstruction; and more. (LIBMP3-3189) No Happy Cows Book Study Vol 6 Making a Better Life and World Conclusion / Impact of Early Childhood Nutrition on Lifetime Intelligence - The first hour we conclude our studies of John Robbins' very revealing book with topis related to our friends and associates deadly nutritional lifestyles, acceptance that some will NOT make it, as well as keeping our spiritual intelligence intact during this time of transition to a new world. Next, we compare the outrage over traumnatic brain injury of football players to the huge damage being done to our chidren's brains from lifetime habits and childhood exposure to junk food and fast food. we have a huge crisis in our midst which we are largely ignoring. (LIBMP3-3163F)
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  Overview of our Studies on Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine - In this two-hour segment we strive to put the whole of our month-long analysis into food as medicine for prevention and recovery from disease into one cohesive narrative. Yes, this can be complicated but in the end we find that it becomes simple. During the course of our extended study focus, we have shown undeniably how 97% of the chonic diseases which impact people within the wealthy nations are preventable. While nutrition is emphasized throughout, we still promote the value of detoxification and stress reduction on our ability to maintain optimal health and longevity. If you are not able to get the entire collection from the larger study, please get this segment for a great overview. (LIBMP3-3184) Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine Collection on MP3 - This is the collection of a month-long investigation of these cutting edge microbiological inquiries.  Along the way we learned a lot about how the body's integrated systems are dependent on whole-food nutrition.  Going into the very structure of cell biology, we explain the processes through which the foundation of the most common chronic diseases are created and/or prevented.  These studies represent not only university-level academic research, but these integrated fields of food-as-medicine and preventative medicine coming together represents the future of practical medicine.  Still, we have to acknowledge that the mainstream medicial establishment doesn't want the public to utilize this information because it will undercut their ability to use us all as profit-generating consumers.  More than 40 hours of study in this MP3 collection in one zipped folder.  $75 for the whole course. (LIBMP3-3185) Federal Government Shutdown and the Two-Party Standoff / 12 Fish You Should Avoid Eating - In the first hour we look behind the scenes at this current seeming standoff between the two dominant political parties about the continued funding of the federal government and the debate over so-called "ObamaCare." We come to conclude that the media just has not put this debate into context and we can do a better job. Next, the failure of agencies to proper inspect and regulate seafood production and importation has put families in danger as well as create an unsustainable future for natural fisheries and the ocean environment. Modern fish farming is dangerously toxic. (LIBMP3-3186) Full Spectrum Hyper Nutrition / Six Portals of Manifestation for Business Success - I share another chapter from Living Superfood Research on the powerful and transforming impact of accessing the entire spectrum of needed nutrients in the highest quality means possible. We discuss the 8 essential nutrient categories, where to find them using superfoods, and how to assure that we greatest benefit with minimal caloric stress. Next hour, co-host Aunkh Aakhu takes us through another solid set of research on how these six business processes combine to assure our success or, failing to orchestrate them properly, lead to frustration and limitation.. (LIBMP3-3187)
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  Omiyale Jube: Navigate Your Existence, 7 Keys to an African American Resurrection / Mastering Monetization: Customer Service Advantage for Black Businesses - In the first hour the author give us key principles to shake off the long burden of post-enslavement trauma and rise to our great potential. The principles are based upon metaphysics and energy awareness. In the second hour, co-host Aunkh Aakhu takes us through a brilliant analysis of the delicate dance between business and customer and how so many cultural factors come into play. Our goal is to create the kind of sustainable economic exchange which will empower the entire business community and customers. (LIBMP3-3180) Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Treatment - Today's two hour analysis may be one of the most comprehensive presentations on cancer you will ever hear. We utilize a broad spectrum of resources and one of our first shocking surprises is just how awful is the cancer nutrition advice you get from government and mainstream cancer advocacy agencies. Along the way we introduce concepts of the biometrics of how cancer tumors grow and the ways that the standard diet feeds these mechanisms, Then we get to the great information on cancer prevention, survivability after diagnosis and our ability to avoid the increased risks of mortality and morbidity of the second leading cause of death in America. This information can spare 1 out of 4 people in this country from a frightening and often deadly diagnosis of cancer. (LIBMP3-3181) Falcon Forum Vol 405 - Topics include: Libya's destruction with Russia and China's acquissence; South Africa and BRICS; wicked counseling on foreign policy; neo-colonialism, corporations and intelligence agencies; Does Africa have true friends?; DR Congo and th paradox of security; Brazil sanctions U.S. airplanes; Reparations and the Caricom nations; Kenya mall attack and evidence of Western complicity; shutting down the gov't over ObamaCare; value of life insurance; debate over Forex,; the Tea Party and true conservatism; China to overtake Hollywood; black media development; and more.
No Happy Cows Book Study Vol 5 - Pt 1 Corporate Responsibility, Pt 2 Advertising Deception and Child Manipulation - Forensic examination of corporations such as Hershey, KFC, McDonalds and coffee producers allow us to see the despicable manner in which corporations treat agricultural laborers as well as the consuming public. The more we know, the more we are compelled to take direct actions against these heartless profiteers. Coca Cola's vitamin water comes under close scrutiny as well as the inhuman marketing of absolutely garbage food to vulnerable children get a close look. Unless parents take a strong stand, their children's chances of staying healthy are increasingly at risk. (LIBMP3-3163E)
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  Falcon Forum Vol 404 - Topics include: Autumn Equinox detoxification time; respecting our bodies vrs our cars; is Sesame Street safe for children?; the socially engineering of societies; the legacy of Edward Bernays; another federal budget standoff; white control over African minds; massacre in a Kenya shopping mall; vassel states and proxy wars; the new global Crusade against Islam and its blowback; post-Syria weapons crisis; after Obama, is it time for a strongman as president?; U.K. as a collapsed empire; ObamaCare's major faults; creating wellness retreat centers; illness and bankruptcy; and more. (LIBMP3-3177) No Happy Cows Book Study Vol 4 - Pt 1 Factory Farming Salmonella and Babies With Breasts / Pt 2 Hormones in Ice Cream Benifits of Dark Chocolate - Our ongoing study of this awesome book by John Robbins continues to break down serious topics regarding food safety. More than twice as many people are killed annually in the U.S. by antibiotic resistent bacteria from meats than from car accidents. What has been done to dairy products is beyond horror, something that a number of other countries have banned. The hormones that are mutating our children are commonly used throughout the food chain? What are YOU going to do about it? (LIBMP3-3163D) Understanding Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and Nutritional Correction / Kwadwo Obeng We Are All Africans and the Tyrany of Religions - In the first hour we take a look at the biological mechanisms which produce diabetes and a set of related conditions. The role of diet, hormone activity, environmental stressors and the complex of cellular and organic processes that have produced widespread diabetes type 2 is now comprehended as are critical nutrients to reverse the process. Next, the author shakes up our comfort with the world's three dominating, and most violent, religions. His extensive book is indeed filled with facts and analysis which shows how the world is enslaved by the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions and we'd better prepare to free ourself asap. (LIBMP3-3178) Clinical Nutrition to Prevent and Reverse Cardiovascular Diseases - Heart diseases are the leading cause of death in the world today. We examine the mechanisms of various cardiovascular and coronary arterial diseases. The role of diet and malnutrition in causing the atherosclerosis, which is at the heart of nearly all of these disorders, is very important in today's study. A number of critical branches of this study are covered including the difference between god and bad fats as well as the role of critical amino acids in vascular integrity, the relationship between obesity, diabetes, inflammation and heart diseases. We conclude by discussing the best and worst foods which heal or hurt our cardiovascular condition. This should be the one lesson that each of us need to know. (LIBMP3-3179)
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  Living In Black Sept 2013 Bonus Pack Prime Nutrition Studies - This is a collection of PDF documents and complimentary audio files which can help you to investigate and comprehend some of the cutting-edge research on health, nutrition, microbiology, genetics and the body's systems.  I hope you find this challenging and stimulating.  I guarantee that this will increase your health and nutrition IQ.  (SEPBON!) Foods That Prevent Cancer - Our intensive studies are in their third week. The level of science-based research just keeps getting more and more refined. We examine a broad spectrum of current research and actually find out that much of what is pushed in the government and mainstream cancer research community is backwards, contradictory and sometimes outright deceptive. We later get to great resources that show the roles of a spectrum of nutrients that definitely lower the risk of cancer formation and other immune system pathologies. In the end, you get a lot of great suggestions for dietary modification and lifestyle changes that will undeniably have a positive benefit in your effort to prevent or reverse cancer. (LIBMP3-3174) Resveratrol Sert1 Telomeres and DNA Rejuvenation / Marketing 3.0 Value-Centric Marketing - In today's clinical nutrition class we go into microbilogy. We look closely at genes, chromosomes, the influence of resveratrol and Sert1 on longevity and a number of other critical topics. Understood, this information should directly lead to extended life and healthspan. Next hour, Aunkh Aakhu brings a masterful class on Marketing 3.0 and this awesome book's lessons on how our businesses can move beyond old paradigms of doing business. I am convinced that this is truly the future of business and marketing.
GMO Foods Impact on Human, Animal and Environmental Health - Today we devote two hours to a comprehensive review of research against and for the development of genetically engineered organisms. This is a huge issue which might just be compared to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The arguments from the two camps are very distinct and hostile to each other. Our conclusions support the opposition to unrestricted use of GMO foods and show how the research data links two decades of GE foods to infertility, cancer, altered digestive function, allergies, immune-related disorders and transgenic crossing of DNA. We also look at the manner in which fraudulent research gets these dangerous elements past regulatory review. This is one of the great scandals in history. What do GE proponents have to say? We look at their responses. (LIBMP3-3176)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol 403 - Topics Include: Retreat on Syria attack; Putin takes the global initiative; Sec. Kerry's job review; Israel's WMD; refocusing the public on real problems; widening wealth gap; rising energy prices; Ghana and African leadership; Arab monorchies and U.S. policy; can humans save themselves?; good places to emmigrate; BRICS vrs Bretton Woods-Ease vrs West; can Blacks take down the Western societies?; urban decline and exploding cities; is the Falcon Forum too negative?; positive solutions to engage our energy; and much more... (LIBMP3-3172) Mastering Monetization Collection 2013 with Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi Awadu - These are some of the top programs in demand by our listening audience. The conversations all center on practical application of the sciences of economics, marketing, culture, sociology, advertising, propaganda and social engineering. We can create a better society by creating a higher level of business and entrepreneurial success. These are the keys to making your economic vision succeed. Try them and share them with your circle of cooperative associates. Package discounted to only $20.00. LIBMP3-3170 No Happy Cows Study Vol 3 - Pt 1 Alzheimers and Obesity / Pt 2 Pasture Fed or Feedlot Beef, Which is Worse? - In our continuing study of John Robbins' book we first look at the debate over causative factors in the current epidemic of Alzheimer's disease, dimentia and other cognitive disorders. The role of soy is questioned as well as metal toxicity and hyperglycemia. Next, what factors have caused such a shocking wave of obesity in the U.S. and how can we deal with it without shaming people over their body image. Lastly, an extensive examination of confined feed lot operations is compared to grass-fed, so-called "organic" beef to see if one is a truly superior of consuming animals as protein. (LIBMP3-3163C) Mitochondria Diseases Energy and Nutrition Pts 1 and 2 - In todays awesome session we look at the energy-generating center of the microbiological cell, the mitochondria, and describe its miraculous function. We look at its structure, enzymatic actions, the makeup of chromosomes, and its integration into every part of our complex biological system function. Critical to our understanding is the role of energy, ATP as the chemical energy in cells, melanin, photosysnthesis, antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals and living food sources of these critical nutrients. Also we recommend a specific set of nutritional supplements which will add to our longevity and disease resistance. These processes are involved in virtually every disease and Western medicine still doesn't seem to know how this fits together in whole body health. (LIBMP3-3173)
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  Dr. Jewel Pookrum: 21st Century Woman / Our Youth Are Being Killed In America's Cities - In this first hour, the noted researcher goes into a complex description of metaphysical and esoteric aspects of our body electric. She proposes that we can learn techniques of adjusting our perspectives so that we can live thousands of years and walk through walls. Next hour, a spate of mysterious and terroristic murders of Black youth in San Francisco leads us to ask what is happening and what can we realistically do to solve this problem. These 11 solutions will work and can be started today. (LIBCD2833) The Falcon Forum Vol 402 - Topics include: The complicated Syrian threat; dissent in the military; Russia and China take strong stance; why focus on Syria instead of 50 domestic problems?; black youth buck wild; who dunnit chemical attacks?; Israel and U.S. foreign policy; the competition to control world's energy resources; why liberal democracies are weak; BRICS proposed $100 billion investment bank vrs. IMF and World Bank; leaving the dollar behind; domestic economic collapse due?; "Dance a yard before you dance abroad"; utilizing our already-available resources; think tanks and capital development funds; accessing U.S. technology and patents; and more... (LIBMP3-3169) No Happy Cows Book Study Vol 2 Soy Health Food or Harm Food - In these two hour sessions the author takes us through a long debate with "anti-soy" advocates which point out a number of problems with soy consuption. While I dispute much of what the author is posing, what is not shown until later in the program that he is debating advocates from the pro-meat Westin Price Foundation. Nonetheless, a lot of good points get made. In the second hour Robbins let's us in on the big problem with GMO foods and Monsanto's domination of over 90% of U.S.-grown soybeans. In addition great information on phytochemicals in soy and other legumes is brought forward. This chapter really goes a long way at resolving the huge debate about soy and recommends which products are safe or not. (LIBMP3-3163B) Nutrition and Higher Brain Functioning / How Businesses Achieve Top Of Mind Awareness TOMA - In the first hour we continue our monthlong study on clinical nutrition and functional medicine by looking specifically at the complex relationships between nutrition and the brain. There are a number of connections that must be examined including the link between Alzheimer's disease and insulin resistance, the role of sugar in disrupting brain chemicals and how our diet affects our moods. Next, Aunkh Aakhu and Keidi share information on how we can bring a whole new level of consumer awareness of our businesses and bring our brands to much wider recognition. (LIBMP3-3171)
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  Inflammation Diseases Types, Causes and Solutions - We continue our monthlong university-level study of nutritional healing with an indepth investigation into three types of inflammation that are causing a huge epidemic of diseases to occur in the population. These three forms of inflammation: metabolic, allergic and autoimmune are at the very heart of nearly 100% of the most common diseases affecting people. We examine the science that confirms that this is a major problem, the frontline of the research on this, alternative perspectives and lastly the most inflammation causing exposures. This includes the top foods that either cause or combat log-grade, chronic inflammation. i(LIBMP3-3166) Voice of Awareness - Keidi Awadu with Jordana Carroll on Living Superfood Research - We engage an indepth discussion regarding a spectrum of issues related to nutrition, detoxing, stress management, principles of health, eating styles, the roots of disease and how to prepare healthy and delicious raw vegan superfoods. FREE TO DOWNLOAD
Cardio-Metabolic Syndrome 6 Risk Factors / How to Maximize Your Marketing Returns - In the first hour we examine this cutting edge research on a set of six conditions, any three of which combine to indicate the syndrome, that are wrecking the cardiovascular system of a number of people, an estimated 30% or more of overweight and obese people. All of these are preventable. This is good stuff. Next hour, Aunkh Aakhu brings another brilliant session on how African businesses can correct certain fundamental mistakes and make a bigger return on their marketing investments. (LIBMP3-3167) Clinical Nutrition Therapies - Wrapping up our first of four weeks of a nutrition and functional medicine intensive, we turn our focus on specific dietary strategies for eradicating the 6 foundations of metabolic syndrom. We examine the bad as well as good recommendations from a broad spectrum of sources. After examining our analysis you should yourself be able to distinguish usable information from this toxic disinformation that is being promoted about food. In turn, we share some of the best and the worst foods for fighting inflammation, clogged arteries, mental illness and other common acute and chronic diseases. (LIBMP3-3168)
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  Obama Threat to Attack Syria Backfires Badly / Studies in Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Gross Food Products - With major U.S. allies now backing away from threats to attack Syria, we revisit this topic and show how the president has backed himself into an unsustainable position and will retreat and withdraw his threat to bomb another Islamic country. It was a ver stupid idea in the first place. Next, we commit to a monthlong university level of studies on nutrition, erasing the foundation of disease and to keeping our brain power optimized with lifestyle habits. We also laugh at the 15 most gross things that food processor's legally sell to the public, including beaver butt juice as artificial vanilla flavoring. (LIBMP3-3161) The Falcon Forum Vol 401 - Today's topics include: Report from Ghana on elections and development opportunities in west Africa; Obama's Syrian dilemma worsens; Russia and Saudia Arabia trade threats; EU wants no part of Syrian war; ghosts of Libya and WWIII; upcoming G-20 meeting, media and the fate of humanity; Putin, the Great White Czar; Germany moves toward BRICS; loving Earth, Wind and Fire; black musical science; Marcus, Malcolm and Martin; March on Washington commemoration critique; obesity death toll much higher than reported; Nigeria in danger of imploding; and more... (LIBMP3-3162) No Happy Cows Book Study Vol 1 - We begin a new book study from the famous author John Robbins, Dispatches from the Frontlines of the Food Revolution. Pt 1 provides the introduction to the book with a passionate plea from the author to the reader to join in the movement to battle corporate corruption of food and restore integrity to our food supply. Pt 2 covers 3 chapters all dedicated to fighting the cruel conditions by which chickens, eggs, pork and dairy are produced. The revelations are many and quite shocking. Aftering hearing this, you will have to modify the foods that you give to your children and yourself. (LIBMP3-3163A) Functional Medicine and the Whole Systems Approach to Preventative Medicine & Cancer - We dive seriously into the deep end of a monthlong set of studies on the cutting edge of the new healthcare paradigm known as "Functional Medicine." Using a variety of research reports, web sites and peer literature, we witness how this effort to eradicate the foundation of disease pathology is the only sensible way to approach disease prevention and optimized health. 97% of all chronic disease is the consequence of 3 primary elements, all of which are nearly completely under our control. Now that we have access to this science, we can apply it from a position of power over our health. (LIBMP3-3164)
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  Crazy Drug Therapy for Prostate and Raw on the Land / Guerilla Reparations 101 Marketing - Aunkh Aakhu w/ Conscious Rasta - In the first half hour we look at the madness coming from drug companies and the FDA. Following their protocol for prostate cancer prevention will actually produce higher risk of chronic disease. Next, our guests are hosting a raw food community camping event this weekend. We learn a lot about this dynamic movement and why it is growing so fast. Next, our regular marketing class gives a great set of instructions to black businesses for a new strategy of Reparations related to our economy and culture. (LIBMP3-3157) Sabre-Rattling for Attack on Syria Despite Contrary Evidence / Thyroid Diseases and Nutrition, Stress and Toxification - In the first hour we examine the presentations for and against an attack on Syria over two chemical attacks this year. The western case for and attack is lacking tangible evidence. Evidence against the FSA rebels points to them as the guilty party. Is this new war inevitable? Next hour, the rise of thyroid disorders is a hidden epidemic with three known causes. We look closely at three of these conditions and what can be done to prevent, reverse and restore proper functioning to thyroid hormone function using natural processes. (LIBMP3-3158) Critique of the March on Washington 50th Commemoration / Modified Tomatoes, Aging Baby Boomers and Bankrupting the Family - In the first hour we deliver scathing criticism of the way that Al Sharpton's DC March on Washington Commemoration engaged in non-creative peading and pushing agenda of already empowered fake minorities. We also remind everyone that Rev. Martin L. King, Jr. was far, far more than a "dreamer" caught up in fantasies of integration. Next, we look at health issues that face the Baby Boom generation and how we must engage fundamental lifestyle modifications in order to avoid widespread collapse of family economics as this generation ages over the next 35 years. We have dug a deep hole for ourselves yet there are positive moves we can make in time, if we are resolute. (LIBMP3-3159) Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and Responsible Emergency Preparedness / Guerilla Marketing 202 Global Reparations and Power - First, on the 8th anniversary of the devastation of New Orleans, we revisit that event, the poor government response, the lack of changes since then, and the abandonment of Blacks when things get tough. We end this hour discussing the need to prepare our individual households for emergencies and national disasters. Second hour, our regular visit with Aunkh Aakhu takes Reparations to a global level. Once we have readied ourselves on the individual level, ultimately we must work beyond borders. Yet there are serious obstacles to our securing this historical rebalancing. What can we do and what resources do we have for our action agenda? (LIBMP3-3160)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol 400 - Topics include: Black August challenging history; GE cancels solar panel plant because of profiteering; "American Exceptionalism" and Obama's queer agenda; Obama, Putin, Snowden and the foreign policy disaster; India's wise political decisions; sharing love and positive attitudes; the new Fed chair position and Goldman Sachs; Jews and the Harlem Globetrotters; shattered black culture, enslavement and "race suicide"; 50th anniversay of 1963 March on Washington; Steve Harvey's buffoonery; dumbing down of the U.S.; FCC LPFM window opens; stem cell burger madness; soulless future and statist technology; Zimbabwe elects Mugabe; naval competition in Asia Pacific; Fukushim may destroy Japan; demographics and the future; and more. (LIBMP3-3154) Mad Cowboy Book Study Vol 5 Pt 1- Grazing Destroys the Lands / Pt 2- Moving Toward a Sustainable Future - We complete our study of Lyman's book by undertanding the numerous ways that modern farming destroys resources needed to sustain a future, the land, water, other species, our health, energy and more. We cannot give this degradation momentum to our children's generations. By moving en masse to vegetarian, vegan and raw food lifestyles we return to a Nature-based order that has proven to sustain human development for tens of thousands of years. Ultimately it is our wise and logical mental state that can solve these problems. (LIBMP3-3129E) Bridging the Gap Between Near Death Experience and Spiritual Consciousness / Drug Sentencing Incarceration and Solutions for Urban Youth - In the first hour we have news stories discussing the function of brain waves during near death experiences. We explore how the body regulates its survival systems as well as the distinction between alpha, beta, theta, delta and gamma brain waves. In the end, we seek to build a bridge between NDE's and spirituality. Next hour, the Attorney General is finally acknowledging the role of draconian drug laws and the unsustainable burden that this is putting on the nation's resources. Beyond the feds, our understanding of this process is much more realistic. Solutions must be brought forward. (LIBMP3-3155) Brazil and the Shift in Economic Hegemony in the Western Hemisphere / 20 of 64 Advantages of Living Superfood - In the first hour we take a deep look at the rapid rise of Brazil to become the 6th leading economic power in the world today. It's resources, agricultural sector, history, culture, politics and connection to Africa have all combined to make it South Americans dominant nation. Next, we revisit Living Superfood and explain 20 of the 64 distinct advantages of living this nutritional lifestyle. This is a prime way to extract ourselves and familes from a $3 trillion-a-year U.S. healthcare system that is producing very poor outcome. (LIBMP3-3156)
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  Laboratory Engineered Food and the Future / Japan Demographic Collapse and the Future of Western Populations - In our first hour we look at today's news stories about synthetic burgers made from cow stem cells. Examining the details behind this story we see decades of scientific madness coming closer to normalization. The same people who brought us microwave food, TV dinners and GMO now claim they have a burger that vegans will eat. CRAZY! Next hour, Japan has really quite a crisis on its hands with extremely low births and a large population of elderly. We not only examine the details but show how these trends will overtake other nations as well as the particular crisis of African American and other Dispora populations at managing their demographics properly. this spells trouble. (LIBMP3-3151) Torture and Murder at Florida School for Boys Revealed / East African Community Energy Boom and Development Challenges - In the first hour we are again extremely outraged at the crimes and coverup from decades of child torture, sexual abuse and murder at the Dozier School for Boys in Florida. So many were shocked that one child killer was acquitted. As these facts demonstrate, at the highest levels in government this tolerance of crime has a long record. Next hour, the East African Community has a number of challenges to deal with its newfound energy wealth and how to create a proper infrastructure to handle its economic potential. What is our role in investing in Africa's future?
African-Americans Investing in Africa Jerome Almon Interview / Mastering Monetization - Superior Marketing for Black and African Centered Businesses w/ Aunkh Aakhu - Today's shows take us far along the road to business and wealth production. A black music executive who has deep insight into Pan African investment lays out the solid fundamentals for Africans in the Diaspora to develop their wealth by building up our homeland. Next, our marketing studies advance significantly with seven major principles of Superior Marketing that specifically strengthen black-owned businesses. Today's shows are absolutely critical to our understandings. (LIBMP3-3153)

Living Superfood Demo's DVD Collection 1 - This specially-priced two DVD package has 18 of our favorite recipes including juices, appetizers, soups, entrees, side dishes, condiments and desserts. If you have any skills at all in the kitchen, this will take you to the next level. This is some of our very best work. Save on these DVD's while you transform your family's nutrition. Mail order only. (LSFDVD-Demo1)

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  We Are Children of the Sun Resetting the Circadian Clock / Zimbabwe Elections and Western Interference Again - In the first hour new research confirms that we humans have an internal biological clock that is dependent on our relationship to the sun. Through camping, we can overcome sleep disorders and get back our daytime zest and energy. Next, Western press makes its predictable lamentations about the lastest "free and fair" elections in Zimbabwe. Let's look far beyond the corporate media hype and try to figure out WHY they feel compelled to lie again about an independent African nation. (LIBMP3-3149) Living In Black Health Pack July 2013 / 6254 - Includes MP3's and PDF's, this is a collection of the latest broadcasts and documents which I use in my own research into cutting edge health trends.  Using this information can put you, your family, community and the world at large in a stronger position to resist manipulation from those many forces which compromise our personal health for profits.  With waves of chronic disease overtaking whole national populations, we can no longer afford to go along with the crowd in an uninformed manner. Entire pack of over 22 hours of audio and many articles specially priced at $20.  (LIBMP-HP0713) The Falcon Forum Vol 399 - Topics include: truths and lies about the Zimbabwe elections and Mugabe's victory; the MDC pushing the queer agenda in Africa; Obama and the blown U.S. foreign policy; the failure of MNAC and "Pax Americana"; Africans defying the West; Detroit for sail and China is buying; Syria is crushing the FSA rebels; Snowden, Russia and Obama's weakness; deciphering Obama's egocentricity; moving beyond London, New York and Zurich as money centers; the collapse of NYC and Black survival; BBW's, obesity and culture; corrupted food production; pushing GMO onto Africa; technologies to serve our future; and more... (LIBMP3-3150) Mad Cowboy Book Study Vol 4 - Pt 1 Biotech Bullies and rBGH / Pt 2 Bovine Destruction to Environment 1 - In the first hour we look at the way that biotech corporations have just really abused a wide set of processes that shoul have been set up to protect the public. For decades scientists have known about a number of problems with the adulturation of foods with chemicals and genetic engineering. This is the history that you have never been told. Next hour, the impact of producing so many millions of pounds of meat on the environment is shown here. Humankind cannot persist with this level of natural corruption. Something must change or we will destroy ourselves. (LIBMP3-3129D)
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  Annual Report on Human Rights in the U.S. / Dr David Imhotep the First Americans Were Africans - In the first hour we look at the way that the U.S. government's exclusive advocacy of human rights around the world is exposed for its hypocracy by China which now produces such an annual report on rights in this country. The findings are very stark and embarrasing to U.S. credibility in the world. Next, our guest is author of a book which shows consclusive evidence that Africans traveled to and inhabited the Western Hemisphere many 10's of thousands of years ago and left large footprints throughout the hemisphere. (LIBMP3-3146) Healthy Aging and Economical Health Maintanence - This two-hour special program covers a broad base of research on longevity, chronic disease prevention, andvanced nutrition and the way that older generations in America are rapidly moving into disease patterns that reflect a lifetime of bad habits. Diet, detoxification, drug avoidance, lifestyle habits and the advanced technological science of longevity all figure well in our research. We also emphasize the importance of superfoods as well as some fake superfood ideas. This may be among the most important programs you'll ever get from our archives. (LIBMP3-3147) Probiotics and More NSA Spying X-Keyscore / Mastering Monetization 7 Keys to Building Your Biz to $100K Per Year - First hour we first show the absolute power of probiotics to advance our digenstive health. Then we share the most stunning revelations to date about the unfolding NSA spying scandal. EVERYTHING you do on the internet is already being archived. Next hour, we return with Mastering Monetization. Co-host Aunkh Aakhu has produced 7 Keys for us to grow our businesses into successful and sustainable enterprises and allow us to employ our people and reap great rewards. This is so very practical and accurate. There is no reason at all to hesitate. (LIBMP3-3148) RHNWOS
RAP, HIP HOP & THE NEW WORLD ORDER: The central theme of this report is that hostile forces planned the chaos that is occurring within the hip hop generation and that it will be the task of creative youth to come up with the solution. The book was the first to expose the hidden hand of government agents in the deaths of Eazy E, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. Ultimately we show how this is linked to eugenics, population control and fertility reduction schemes. $10 (plus P&H for print) CRP-V4N3
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  Social Engineering Through Bio-Behavioral Drugs / Yes We DO Accomplish Many Things for Our Community Development - In the first hour we use the chapter from my book MIND CONTROL to expose the evelution of the project to tag large numbers of minority and poor youth, especially black males, as genetically disposed to violence. Ungodly solutions ranged from chemical castration, to lobotomy, incarceration and psychiatric drugs like Ritalin. Next hour, I have to correct those who have been saying that progressive Blacks have nothing to show for their efforts. The persistence of this belife is only founded upon ignorance and selfishness. We PROVE that we are still geting the key work done and can continue to do so.
Falcon Forum Vol 398 - Topics include: Can Detroit resist bankrupcy?; black leadership in urban planning; America's cities in failure; transcending race and caste barriers; higher brain functioning; the dumbing of the nation; human culture as a transforming vehicle; reconnecting with the South; George Zimmerman is a new media star; Arabs killing Arabs; Russia and China discipline Israel; Was Andrew Snowden a false plant?; a discussion of religiosity among our people; is there a place for black intellegensia?; spiritual-based communities and monasteries; Jamaica's lingering colonial burden; and more. (LIBMP3-3145) Mad Cowboy Book Study Vol 3: Lyman Lobbys Washington / Bureaucratic Response to BSE and CJD - In the firsh hour we continue with Lyman's description of his own tortured pathway from a highly successful cattle rancher to a dissident and the many battles he would go through to move away from the toxic lifestyle of chemical farming. Next he describes running for congress from Montana, getting through off course by the banksters who drove him out of the campaign at the last minute, and going to Washington to lobby for small farmers. When he became a vegetarian, things got even more difficult because of the financial control that ranchers, pharmaceuticals, chemical companies and other have over what goes on in Congress. This is a great exposure of the hidden power of money on politics. (LIBMP3-3129C)

FOOD: It's About Survival - Newly republished, again, the research has held up amazingly well. Learn more about how our nutrition can cause or prevent disease, prevent cancer and heart disease, how food is increasingly being used as a strategic weapon in a global population war, how you can grow your own homegrown organic vegetables to feed your family, and a long host of science-based research that gives you ground to move from unconscious eating toward a new reality. Move away from "chewicide" to eating the Culture of Life. $7.95 instant download includes bonus audios. Print version will include P&H charge of $3.50 per your entire order for domestic delivery.  CRPV3N5 View back cover text

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  LIBRadio Business Collection III - This collection includes 70 hours of programming from May to June 2013 on LIBRadio. Our primary focus has been on business, economics, marketing, planning, wealth production, globalization, technology and many specific plans to develop skills and resources into sustainable wealth and development. This could serve as an entire year of university education. You have the opportunity to take these instructions to practical usage. Please use it responsibly. $25 for all MP3 files.
Hypnotic Language and Complex Organizing of Life Data / Mayor of Blacktown: Young Black Manhood - In the first hour we go into the science of hypnotism and develop technics to help us to bridge the gap between conscious mind and unconscious mind states. We focus on the four stages of data comprehension, which move from childlike analysis to complete analysis. Second hour, our guest talks about manhood, the Trayvon Martin killing, the impact of feminism and other areas in which our power is being denied. (LIBMP3-3142) Growing Wealth Gap Between Black and White / Junious Stanton: What to Do About the Negro Problem - In the first hour we examine the Brandeis University study which shows how the gap between wealth among white and black has expanded immensely in the past 25 years. Key areas as housing, pay equity, unemployment and others much be addressed to deal with the overall problem of disparity. Next, our guest is a longterm black journalist and has great insights on culture, economics, justice and self-determination. The widespread angst over the fate of black males leads us to try new ways of thinking about our situation. (LIBMP3-3143)

MIND CONTROL - This is a republishing of my book from 1996, which has held up amazingly over the past 17 years as cutting-edge research. Ultimately, you must devise a stragegy by which to achieve your destiny.  It is my intention, through thorough analysis of the behavioral sciences, to alert you to the methods which skilled programmers apply toward mind control.  Critical analysis yields critical thinking.  $7.95 instant download includes bonus audios. Print version will include P&H charge of $3.50 per your entire order for domestic delivery.  CRPV3N4

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  Detroit Has Failed What Next? / Rev Clenard Childress ObamaNation and Black Genocide - First hour we discuss 24 key points about the industrial and economic collapse of Detroit, which used to be the greatest facttory city on Earth. It's population is rapidly declining and the "left behinds" are being terrorized in their communities. Next, our guest is one of the most radical ministers you will encounter. His long stance against the murders of black babies is very revealing. If only all black preachers could be this bold and focused! (LIBMP3-3139) Falcon Forum Vol 397 - Hot today. Topics include: the media is still projecting the Trayvon Martin killing and racism; targeting Florida for sanctions; Blacks and tourism industries; the history of Sanford and Goldsboro, Obama's weak public response and moral character; can boycotts change things?; the Hegelian Dialectic; investing in family, economics and security; recalling Stand Your Ground laws; Internet spy networks making billions; Detroit collapses and files bankruptcy; the collapsing U.S. economy; NATO losing in Syria; Libyan blowback; and much more. (LIBMP3-3140) Mad Cowboy Book Study Vol 2: Pt 1 What Is In the Meat / 2 Lymon's Chemical Conversion - In the first hour we continue with shocking revelations from the author about what is terribly wrong with farm factory meat in the U.S. The chemicals within the meat have created incredibly sick animals that are still used completely in the production processes. Next hour, Lymon's own background educated to be a "Green Revolution" chemical-based farmer made his operation much larger than that of his organic farming parents and grandparents. It nearly cost him his life as he became victim to the very chemicals he used in ruining his farm and beef products. (LIBMP3-3129B) Should We Eat Meat? from Scientific American / Scandal of Big Pharma Bribery and Murderous Profiteering - In the first hour, while the author is certainly a strong advocate for human carnivorism, still it is pointed out how the growth of meat consumption has taxed all planetary resources to the limit and future populations must reverse this broad set of unsustainable consequences of meat production. Next, the recent exposure of GlaxoSmithKline for bribery in China opens up our inquiry into massive payola within the U.S. We also look at gross profiteering, the record of causing death and government complicity in ths threat to the population. (LIBMP3-3141)
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  Trayvon Martin & the Saint and Demon Archetypes / Creative Economic Laboratories - In the first hour I put forward a radical essay in which we examine the media hype over the trial and acquittal of the child killer in context of a much grander perspective. We relate this to a grand social engineering program which aims to divide up the population into fragmented, hostile camps. By using old tools such as "divide and conquer" and the Hegelian Dialectic, the manipulative oligarchy can keep the public distracted and weakened. There are far more important topics which are thus obscured by the people's fiery and superficial passions. Only by overcoming this tendency to be reactionary can we use logic to build the indepence and justice we claim to need. (LIBMP3-3136) Nasir Jones and Hip Hop Intellectualism / Post Verdict Trauma Syndrome - In the first hour we share the story of hip hop artist Nas and his induction in the Hip Hop Archives, part of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard. There is a debate as to whether this is a positive development. I argue passionately that this is a significant event and that we need to be more proactive in empowering intellectuals within this community and not waiit until others do it for us. Next, the recent jury acquittal of Zimmerman has once again triggered a widespread reaction which will most likely NOT produce any longterm positive outcome. Haven't we walked this path too many times before? We relate this to PTSD and PTSS. (LIBMP3-3137) trayvon_sGet the FREE Booklet:
Justice for Trayvon Martin - 47 Practical Action - We must take primary responsibility for securing this "Justice."  In the aftermath of the acquittal of George Martin for the killing for this 17-year-old young man, this is a plan to respond to the killing.  By Keidi Awadu, author of the Conscious Rasta Report: KUJICHAGULIA VILLAGES: A Practical Plan for Self-Determination.  Available from www.KujichaguliaVillages.com  CRPV7N3
Canadian and US Human Experimentation on Indigenous Peoples / USDA History of Discrimination Lawsuits - In the first hour we have a close look at secret experiments on First Peoples in Canada which denied proper nutrition to an already starving segment of the native population. We further explore the Nuhremberg Code and how governments violate international law in experimenting on humans. Next hour, the USDA has a longstanding policy which excludes ethnic minorities and women from equal access to government farm support. This has led to a series of corrective lawsuits and billions of dollars of compensation. The struggle continues in the courts today. (LIBMP3-3138)
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  Oyotunji Village Wrap-Up / After Trayvon Martins Killers Trial Is Over - In the first hour we summarize the magnificent set of affairs that took place during the 2nd Annual Pan African Grassroots Assembly. It was truly an historic and life-changing gathering of some of the great intellectual minds of our generation. Next hour, we predict disappoint on the part of those who expect that a Sanford, Florida, court will convict Trayvon's killer of murder. So, are we prepared in advance to channel our anger into tangible and measurable progress for our youth? FREE to download. (LIBMP3-3132) Fat Chance Living Longer and Less Healthy / The CIA in Nigeria Disruption and Population Control - In the first hour we review a new study on health which shows that, despite a slight increase in life expectancy in the U.S., people are getting sicker earlier. This is a windfall for the medical industries but a disaster for the public. Next, we look closely at tht breakup of Nigeria and link it to decades of covert policy to prevent the rise of an African superpower state. We must all know these facts. (LIBMP3-3133) The Falcon Forum Vol 396 - Today's theme was "What is Justice for Trayvon Martin?" Subjects included: The not guilty verdict; racist history of Sanford, Florida; dual character of Southern culture; where are we more secure?; the prosecutor's failure to prove case; jury nullification strategies; shock and awe over the decision; the issue of human rights in America as global concern; turning angst and anger to action; women's leadership roles; practical solutions listed; Chokwe Lumumba mayor of Jackson Mississippi; rebuilding the family and community; Kujichagulia Villages as realistic strategies; how media targets our youth; and much more. 3 hours of programming today. (LIBMP3-3134) Justice for Trayvon Martin: An Action Plan - As both corporate and liberal media trapse out the same old non-productive admonitions from the same old tired African American race leaders, and as another segment jump into cures at protest marches, we aim to pose a completely different way to address the persistent problem of judicial lynching of our youth and ths summary dismissal of a large class of this nation's population. We must take primary response-ability for the ultimate sense of "justice" which will be accorded to the name and legacy of Trayvon Martin and dozens, hundreds and thousands of his peers who were victims of a xenophobic killer state. This is a practical plan which does not need media-designated race leadership to succeed. The audio comes with a booklet of the 47 strategies. (LIBMP3-3135)
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A Practical Plan for Self-Determination -
By Keidi Awadu / The latest edition of the long-running cutting edge research series explores the many ways in which African people within the U.S. and other Diaspora cities are failing to secure a spectrum of critical needs for sustainability: clean water, wholesome food, sustainable economics, secuirty, education and optimal health.  After careful and thorough examination of the problems we herein present a broad set of practical solutions.  We have been blessed as a people with many valuable talents and resources.   Yet, mismanagement of our resources has put our group at an historical peril.  Through the construction of these culturally based agri-economies, we can restore a sense of Self-Determination to the mass of our people.  CRP-V7N2 $10.00

Prepare for the Aftermath with Kujichagulia Villages / Oyotunji Village Mission to the Youth - In today's first hour we consider the likelihood that the outcome of the trial of Trayvon Martin's killer will cause widespread disappointment among Blacks. What is the plan for the aftermath? With the release of the new Conscious Rasta Report on Kujichagulia Villages we can turn this into opportunity. Next, The Oba of the Oyotunji African Village and Ruff Mic of Precise Science join us to give their perspectives on our ability to engage positive, constructive activities that will uplift our youth and fill them with a powerful mission.
Kujichagulia Villages A Practical Plan / Spirit Halima: Womb Health Yoni Wellness - In the first hour, upon release of the new book, the Conscious Rasta gives a detailed overview of the new book and a number of the practical strateges which are intended to solve specific challenges. Highly motivated people will hear the call for their specific talents. Next, our guest has spent a lot of time researching issues related to health and wellness. The critical need for the entire community to respect and protect women's reproductive health and cultural contributions is highly regarded in this valuable dialog.
(Print version, add $3.50 P&H)
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  Time to Sail Our Survival Ark - In today's extended dialog, we push the imperative that the time to act towards creating and effective strategy to rescue our future is directly upon us. Legal rulings, globalist moves, high-profile media events, the unbearable cost of living, our deteriorating economic position and the crushing of the ambitions of our children are just some of the forces coming together to force our survival response. The entire second hour is devoted to listed a portion of the well-thought-out solutions we can enact through our sovereign Kujichagulia Villages. One particular call from NYC is very revealing about just how close we are to the cliff. (LIBMP3-3126) Overview of Our Business Course Pt 2 / Yirser Ra Hotep Quantum Healing Kemetic Yoga - In the first hour we look at the number of programs we have covered throughout the month of June to put together a cohesive picture of how our studies have led to a solid action plan to rejuvenate the economy of our sub-culture. Next, our Master Teacher discuss the myriad of ways that addictions are created and how we have unwittingly given ourselves to these dangerous lifestyles. He also gives practical tips and tools to get beyond addiction and back to real living again. (LIBMP3-3127) The Falcon Forum Vol 395 - Today's topics include: record setting hot temps in the west & deluges in the east; how global warming changes society; conspiracy in the Zimmerman murder trial; another post-verdict riot?; Blacks, gays and the Supreme Court; economics and politics; bad leadership; youth targeted for slaughter; bringing our youth through the gauntlet; Obama in Africa; GE and the electrification of Africa; no queer agenda in Senegal; Libya invasion blowback; Paula Deen's real offenses; promoting eugenics and population control; suggestions for solutions; and more.. (LIBMP3-3128) Mad Cowboy Book Study Vol 1 - We begin our extended study of the book by former been rancher, turned vegetarian, Howard Lyman. The author came to much notoriety when he and Oprah Winfrey were sued by a bunch of Texas cattlemen after his exposure of the vast contamination of animal feed led the talk show host to declare on air that she would never eat another hamburger. We learn about this spectrum of poisons that make up animal feed and in the second hour examine the facts that relate the consumption of this adulturated food to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and a number of other chronic disease epidemics. These facts cannot be ignored. The public is being poisoned to sickness and early death. (LIBMP3-3129A)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol 394 - Topics include: Edward Snowden whistleblower real or fake?; NSA surveillance & global cyberwarfare; increasing hostile relations between U.S. and other nations; tech firms on the devense; resource wars; China's struggling economy; the West's war on indigenous cultures; civilization evolution and the future of cultures; white supremacy vrs white domination; transforming our own culture and economy; cash, currency and barter economy; Ethiopian dam sparks war words with Egypt; Black Africa vrs Euro-Arabs; uprisings in Turkey and Brazil; the global power shifts again; positive solutions; and more.
Invisible Capital Book Study - Pt 1 The American Landscape / Pt 2 What Invisible Capital Is - Toward the aim of creating a vast network of successful small and mid-sized businesses, conversations about ehtrepreneurship abound. This author Chris Rabb is definitely thinking outside the box and I'm convinced that his dialog about the great value of social, cultural and economic capital is indeed enlightening. He is very critical of the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" type of business advocacy as totally impractical and largely fraudulent, and I agree. I highly recommend this innovative way of thinking about how to apply our assets and resources. (LIBMP3-3123) Ecovillages and Sustainable Communities / Umar Johnson Urban Education and Spiritualty in Crisis - In the first hour we share the values and strategies that allow groups to build sustainable communites in both rural and urban settings. The "intentional communities" movement is something we can use to our advantage. Next hour, the "Prince of Pan Africanism" joins us to discuss serious issue with the way that our ethnicity has misplaced progress in education and spirituality. We go into details regarding these crisis and point to areas where better solutions can be put in place. We cannot allow our future to be stolen from us without putting up a strong fight. LIBMP3-3124) Organic Food Market Industry News / Black Women and Non-Black Men Partnerships - Two hot shows today. In the first hour we look at the explosive growth of organic food markets in the last 13 years and the way that corporations are still scambling to get as much of this market as possible. Ultimately we must consider that it is OUR money that they are working for. We can do this for ourselves. Next, we see more and more interracial coupling as the status of African culture, economics, community and family decline. I throw a fit on air as I bring responsibility for the degeneration back home to our men, our leadership and our cultural suicide. (LIBMP3-3125)
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  Rwanda As the Next BigThing in Africa and Other Opportunities / Oba Adefunmi Pan Africanism for a New Generation - In the first hour we look at doing business in Africa. Two main points jump right out of the current economic activity and that is 1) Rwanda is making many of the right moves to expand and develop its economy, and 2) Agribusinss on the African contintinent is expected to do very well in the near future. Next hour, His Royal Majesty Oba Adefunmi joins us for another insightful conversation on the Olotunji Village's upcoming Pan African General Assembly. Our focus is on developing our youth as competent Pan African nation builders. (LIBMP3-3118) Juneteenth Commemoration of Our History and Culture / Leadership 101 forWhite Men - Fear and Guilt - In the first hour we acknowledge the African American holiday called Juneteenth and why it should be held sacred in order that we can properly honor our ancestors who suffered from the Maafa (the Great Suffering) Holocaust. Next, we have found a book written by and for white men which tells them how to successfully manage Blacks and other ethnic minorities in the workplace. I find this book to be both shocking and revealing. (LIBMO3-3119) Skynet Rising - Artificial Intelligence andthe Google Spy Network / Food Commodity Prices Increasing and Monsanto Wheat Goes Rogue - In hour one we discuss the rapid growth in super computing and how Google, the NSA and the military are conspiring to take over society with Artificial Intelligence run systems. Next, we look at the worsening volatility of the financial markets and contrast these trends with the consistent rise in demand for food commodities around the world. There are major changes happening in world economics for which we had better be prepared. (LIBMP3-3120) Summer Solstice and the Importance of Cleansing the Body Temple / Kujichagulia Villages and Our Plan for Real Estate Development - In the first hour we acknowledge the sacredness of the Summer Solstice in our most ancient cosmology and why the four crossings were so meaningful. We follow with detailed information on the seasonal detoxification fast which is a purification of the body temple. Next hour the focus is on the massive swindle of the housing loan debacle and why we must formulate a plan to get our future through real estate back into our control. We have a brilliant plan to rechannel already existent funds into land acquisition and development for sovereignty and wealth. (LIBMP3-3121)
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  Digital Blackwater Privatized Domestic Spy Matrix / Oba Adefunmi and Mutabaruka Pan Africanism and Cultural Development - In the first hour we do a deeper background analysis into the explosive revelations of the past week of the vast Prism surveillance system. Yet, other such programs such as Total Information Awareness, Trapwire, Trailblazer and others were being put in place over a decade ago. In the second hour, Jamaica's famous poet and the Oba-King of the Yoruba nation in the U.S. join us to discuss the development of practical Pan Africanism and nation building. (LIBMP3-3114) LIBRadio Business Collection II - From our May 2013 broadcast focus we bring you a collection of highly charged and relevant programs on business planning, economics, entrepreneurial development, wealth and money management. This package includes over 25 hours of specialized programming and we guarantee that you will find it as valuable as any college course on business and economics. Listen again and again as you develop your strategies to create robust streams of income. $29.95 for the package. LIBMP3-3115) Idiots Guide to Successful Business Presentations - !) Thinking Ahead and 2) What to Say: Toward the aim of making our presentation of ideas more impactful and effective, we look at techniques which make the business, organizational or marketing presentations much more strategic. All of us have ideas that we are selling whether at work or within family and community organizations. Herein you will definitely learn how to make your own presentation more relevant to the people who really matter, Great research and presentation of fact. LIBMP3-3116) Come Back to Living In Black Network / Half-Trillion in Supermarket Sales How Much is Ours? - In the first hour, after two weeks of major revelations that Facebook, Google, Yahoo and others are part of a vast spy matrix, we ask our members to bring their activity back to www.LivingInBlack.com. There are so many reasons that this is the best move for us to make at this time. Next hour, the food distribution chains bring in a half-trillion dollars a year and there is great reason for us to consider getting into this competition as soon as possible. We provide extensive research and show how the numbers favor all serious players in this vast consumer base. (LIBMP3-3117)
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  Seek First to Understand - 7 Habits of Successful People / Synergize - We share two important chapters from the best selling book by Stephen Covey. First hour we discuss the importance of truly listening with intent to those whom we wish to collaborate with so that their needs can be addressed with integrity. Second, we must put our plan together by integrating a number of key components of the wholistic enterprise, for our successes to be better assured. Again, many of these ideas are familiar yet not being readily considered. (LIBMP3-3110) PRISM Domestic Spy System Exposed - Today we dedicate the entire show to the devastating set of revalations of a massive domestic surveillance program set up under the Bush regime and greatly expanded by Obama. Our outrage grows as story after story is pieced together showing the extent by which this illegal system has been developed. 9 major internet companies, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Skype and others, as well as telephone carriers are all in on the biggest spy system yet. Big Brother has been announced. (LIBMP3-3111) The Falcon Forum Vol 393 - Topics include: exposure of the massive Prism domestic spy program'; the deepening NSA matrix; superstorms sweep the U.S.; western materialism lifestyle; green technology scandals; 13 years of Bush-Obama; old news just making news; war within the oligarchy; it's worse than you think; Obama appoints two mean women to key posts; Susan Rice and Africa; emergency preparedness; biology vrs genetics; debate between urban and rural living; food, security and education are collapsing the cities; arabism vrs Nubian life; Rand Paul opposes the beast; and more.
Yes by Robert Cialdini: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive - One of our very favorite books on the sciences of persuasion. We cover a number of chapters of this very convincing research on what makes people comply with sales and marketing strategies. Quite often the things that we think are prime motivators actually make our chance of success at persuasion much worse. Slight shift of words or other emphasis can produce dramatically improved outcome once we learn the rules, the psychology and the secrets. Also, we can learn to resist persuasion with the same education. (LIBMP3-3113)
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  What is Wealth? 101 / Building Community Through Community Development Corporations - America Beyond Capitalism - In the first hour we go through 13 different descriptions of what constitutes true wealth beyond merely stacking cash. Most of what this constitutes is within our emotional and creative mind. Next, returning to America Beyond Capitalism, we see this wonderful tactic of CDC's that has been developing for decades through which urban communities have been able to regain their sovereignty and build critically-needed institutions that truly serve their interests. A good tactic for wealth restoration.
Executive Summary, Mission And Strategy Statements - The Perfect Business Plan / Business Planning - Raising Capital by Andew Sherman - For anyone who needs to launch a large and successful business, these tools are absolutely critical along the pathway, especially when the business involves large numbers of employees and significant cash flow. First we talk about key elements of a business plan that cannot be undervalued. Next hour we take our plan to the markets and show investors just why our business is due to bring great profits and security of investment. (LIBMP3-3107) Survey of Black America - NPR and Robert Woods Johnson Foundation / Oyotunji Afrikan Village Vol 1 - Pan African Grassroots Assembly - In the first hour, key information about the culture, economics, social status and community of Blacks in America is analyzed by others as well as ourself. This data will be very useful to key leaders. Next, the first Yoruba Village in the U.S. will be the site of a major assembly of grassroots leadership in July. This is the first of a series of discussions of what is on the agenda for Pan African organization in the coming years. (LIBMP3-3108) Social Permaculture / Sharing Gardens and Building Community - In the first hour we share an article from Intentional Communities magazine about the challenges that face those making the move to a culturally centered homestead village. No doubt that many are making this move forward yet there are challenges to the way that we must get along. Next, one of the urban strategies that is working well is the formation of community gardens. Some of these make the food available for free. What are the advantages of such a system? (LIBMP3-3109)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol 392 - Topics include: Many complications within the murder of Malcolm Shabazz; the murder story changes; forensics of political assassinations; Latino hitmen and intelligence operations; African Americans in the cross-hairs; Theory of Competitive Reporduction; How to handle our anger; America in decay according to Carrol Quigley; black land ownership; social engineering; interethnic coalitions; war moves against Muslims; prioritizing security; globalization challenges; and many more topics. (LIBMP3-3102) Business and Economics of Kujichagulia Villages - Keidi Awadu shares critical chapters from the upcoming book on Self-Determination village construction. Complimenting our month-long focus on business development, economics and entrepreneurialism, we look specifically at the means through which our vision of these Villages will be sovereign, practical and sustainable. Among the many problems affecting the sanctity of the larger group, creating a sustainable economy must be considered top priority. This is a practical plan to fix these concerns. (LIBMP3-3103) Nat Turner Village Wrap Up / Sugar, BDNF, Alloxan and the Season Ahead - In the first hour we recall details of the LIB Southeast Region Ujima Retreat, the Malcolm X Book Fest and our building of the Shabazz Family Memorial Organic Garden and Orchard. Our investment of donations from this LIB Family made a big change. Next, we show how sugar is causing so much damage to the human brain, immune system and other body systems. The subject covered are a bit scientific but very definite in showing why we avoid such processed foods to protect ourselves and our children. (LIBMP3-3104) America Beyond Capitalism: Wealth and Political Inequality / Globalization: China Buys Major U.S. Pork Production - In the first hour Gal Alperovitz's valuable book is the base for us to examine in depth the impact of wealth disparity in this wealthy nation. The way that the oligarchy has entrenched itself is foul. Yet the vast criminality which supports this disparity is much worse. Next, the impact of globalization is a frequent topic for us to discuss how we are being hurt. Now China controls the largest pork producer in the U.S. and this is expected to begin a long chain of serious impacts on the domestic and international food supply system. as well as the environment. (LIBMP3-3105)
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  The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Book Study Vol 2: We share two more hours of study and conclude on the book which focuses our attention on how to position our product or service in the mind of the would-be purchaser with much greater positive outcome. Such Ideas as the Laws of focus, exclusivity, the ladder, duality, the opposite, division perspective, unpredictability and much more are put into this dialog. For anyone who has a business that promotes a product or service, this is very valuable information.. (LIBMP3-3098B) Malcolm Shabazz Assassinated: What Next? / Role Models and Leadership from The Leader Within - In the first hour we have serious reason to question what the media has reported about the death of the namesake legacy's grandson. Why was he in Mexico and who were these shady characters he was with? What might we do to address this grievance? Next, we focus on the critical need for organizations to guide the right personalities into the proper position to provide strong business leadership. LIBMP3-3099) E-Myth Revisited: Primary Aim and Strategies Objective / H.K. Khalifah: Malcolm X Book Exposition and Kujichagulia Village - In the first hour we use one of the most influential books on entrepreneurial development to get our business planning into tight focus. The author's insights are undeniably some of the best that we could possibly access. Next, the founder of a major book publishing company shares insights on literacy, leadership, our challenges and the vision to create a Reparations strategy on the very land of Nat Turner's birth. You'll love the conversation. (LIBMP3-3100) Goal Setting Techniques / Is Obama's Cabinet Melting Down Into Criminal Scandals? - First hour we use the book by Jack Ensign Addington to bring to our consciousness many of the powerful techniques that successful organizations have used and universities teach. This is a critical part of all business development. Next, there are several major scandals all breaking at the same time which will only compound the difficulties that people have under the current phase of austerity and structural adjustment. We have to do SOMETHING? LIBMP3-3101)
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