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  The Falcon Forum Vol 431 - Today's topics include: Black History is African History is World History; Malcolm X's instructions from Message to the Grass Roots; history is not linier; the achievement of African empire in 2050 or sooner; East African Union union by 2020; Dr. James Smalls as great teacher; bringing an integrated economic development strategy; moving from black economics to a global policy; 6 key partners in problem solving; the challenge of HBCU leadership and survival; why capitalism fails our people; retraining the black "elites"; Byron Allen's litigation against Comcast and Al Sharpton; net neutrality verses corporate access; creating self-sufficiency in food production and alleviating poverty; auto manufacturing in 5 Sub-Saharan countries; Chicago mayorial politics; demographics and macro analysis; transforming solutions; and more... (LIBMP3-3200) February 2015 African World History Collection from LIBRadio - To properly tell the story of Black History, one must link together all of the various stories of Blacks on various continents. When the story is told properly we cannot escape the fact that this is the foundation and many of the milestones of world history. This collection of 50 hours of distinct broadcasting tells of our male and female heroes of ancient and modern times. In every field of human endeavor we have produced absolute champions. Our historical empires rival or exceeed those of all other civilizations. This history is simultaneously the past and present and inevitably leads to a clear picture of the future. As the month proceeded, the lessons become stronger and more focused on the near and distant horizons which were clearly the next milestones on our journey to the greatest empire that the world has evern seen and which is within the lifetime of our and our children's generation. We have come a long way and have the best yet ahead for us. This entire collection is discounted by over 75% at $30. (LIB-Feb-All) The New Harvest Book Study Vol 8 - Pt 1 Entrepreneurship and Seed Stocks, Pt 2 Rural Food Processing - We continue our exciting and informative study, this time focusing on different aspects of agricultural entrepreneurship. The first hour focuses on a spectrum of structures for raising production scale by concentrating on improving seed stocks, distribution of the new seeds, ongoing research and development and for making the whole scheme profitable for all involved. Next, as we have said so often, the massive expansion of the African agricultural economy will be very much impacted by rural production of raw food products into finished products for regional consumption and export for trade income. This plan is laid out in detailed and practical manner by the author who is a professor of international development and the application of science and technology. (LIBMP3-3259H) How to Save the HBCUs - Today's extended research session begins from the fact of the "global reset" in economic affairs. New powers are rising and old empires are in advanced stages of decline, including the U.S. Next we look at the plight of South Caroline State Univ. as representing only one of a number of HBCU's in danger of foreclosure and financial collapse. We also discuss the progress of SWF's in 9 Black/African nations. Ultimately our plan involves these institutions repurpose themselves from being job training facilities to cutting edge R&D facilities serving the development needs of these sovereign wealth nations and the impending federation of the African REC's. We consider everything from media, to space resources, agriculture, technology infrastructure and many other specific areas where our creativity, tech access, historical strengths and rejuvenated leadership can be a part of this dynamic future of Pan African economic power. This is a REAL plan to bring our institutions into a sustainable future. (LIBMP3-3301)
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  The Creation of the Great Swahili Empire 2050 / 6290 - Using a very detailed outline for our determination, we have concluded that the world will see the creation of the most powerful empire in history within as little as 35 years.  Our analysis is driven by a spectrum of indicators including historical precedence; the Five Pillars of Empire; analysis of the REC's and the pending East African Community Federation; 6 foundations of development, the importance of the 6 partners for social and developmental change; 8 critical milestones along the planned pathway (several of which are already to be witnessed); the role of the Africa Union; how to defeat AFRICOM and French intervention; liberation of the Congo Basin; and how to firewall against outside interference.  As well we give dozens of book references along with critical reports which confirm all of our various futurist conclusions.  This is one of the most important dialogues we've engaged for decades. (LIBMP3-3296) HBCU's in History and Their Relevance in the Pan African Future - We continue our blazing month of African World History studies with this deep examination of the past, present and future value of historically black colleges and universities.  A great spectrum of leaders in all areas of human achievement have passed through these sacred halls.  We note the top performers of over 100 HBCU's as well as highlight how they have performed so well despite numerous challenges and handicaps.  We profile four African leaders, including the "Nat Turner" of Malawi, as well as some of the great scientists of our era who were a product of the HBCU environment.  Ultimately we push beyond the current economic constraints and lay out a strategic plan to make these institutions continually viable in the plan to rejuvenate urban economies, secure Reparations and serve as sovereign wealth assets of rapidly expanding economies of newly wealthy African nations.  (LIBMP3-3297) Climate Change, Desertification and African Solutions Vol 1 / Freeology Using the Power of Free to Make Your Fortune - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh Aakhu and Keidi - African history also includes meteorological history as well as the way that periodic climate changes have impacted the evolution of human civilization, culture and politics. From the earliest prehistoric record of Pleistocene extension of numerous species to current and future efforts to manage desertification, water resources, population dynamics and climate change, our study covers an immense amount of scientific review including what careers to train for for the next century. Second hour, our research on business development takes into the complex process of businesses giving away free product as part of a comprehensive strategy to attract higher quality customers, establish value for our products and to reverse the broader trend of wholesale degeneration of our larger business communities. (LIBMP3-3298) Oba Adefunmi and the Oyotunji Kindom as Intentional Community/ Present and Future of Repatriation to Ghana - Bomani, Daveed and Rahn - In the first hour we feature His Royal Majesty Alase Oba Adefunmi Adejuyigbe, the Crowned King of the Oyotunji African Village, a Yoruba kingdom established in the United States.  Our discussion is centered around the function of Oyotunji as a living, learning campus, the role of African culture in guiding our communities, and the need for a diplomatic interface between our Diaspora community and the world. Next, we are joined by a panel of Pan African organizers of an annual tour and investment travel to Ghana and other West Africa countries. Many of the points of what it takes to repatriate, invest and develop an African cultural society are the basis for this conversation. Also, numerous investment opportunities are pointed out as viable means for us to cross the bridge to a future that embraces our very existence. (LIBMP3-3299)
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  Slavery Without Submission Pt 1 from Howard Zinn's People's History / Customer Value Opimization 2 High End Customers - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - In the first hour we continue our theme of Africa World History Month and examine a refreshing examination of the enslavement from the noted socialst historian Howard Zinn, who gives us a very radical departure of the accounts of the period than are taught in American history lessons. Many of our great heroes are highlighted in detail. Next, our weekly entrepreneurial session continues with powerful themes on how to move our business from mediocre performance servicing "low end" customers, to giving better service with greater return from a much more lucrative market of high end customer retention. (LIBMP3-3293) Slavery Without Submission Pt 2 from Howard Zinn's Peoples History / Julian and Kenya Sample on Urban Agriculture Economics - In the first hour we continue with Zinn's terrific analysis of the history of enslavement in the U.S. up to the point where Africans liberated themselves during the war to "preserve the Union." There are some powerful gems of information that are revealed herein that you will certainly find insightful and will shake much of our knowledge of this period of history. Next, this couple from Chicago have been pioneers in urban agriculture and an associated economy. Our conversation puts this in context of history, current trends and solid pathways to expand immensely on the momentum already established. You will hear real and practical solutions for the future of our urban and transnational economic growth. (LIBMP3-3294) The Falcon Forum Vol 430 - Topics include: being locked into domestic affairs; linking Black urban populations to African nations; black leadership "stuck on stupid"; socialization into restricted living; 6-part partnership to effect change; failure of the effemnized male to secure our future; can HBCU's survive into the future?; school closings and urban economics; an overvalued dollar and transnational investment; shareholder's stake in emerging nation development; converting waste to bio-mass renewable energy; managing and reverse engineering western technologies; news, entertainment and social media as change angents; Empire TV series and Fox network degeneracy; telling our story via Internet media; the collapse of real journalism in America; TV and society's appeal to women; keeping focus on long-term goals and strategies; five things to do to better ourselves; and more... (LIBMP3-3295) The New Harvest Book Study Vol 7 Pt 1 - Human Capicity 1 Education Models / 2 Practical Education and Experiential Learning - First, toward developing human capicity in African agriculture innovation, the power of women as shareholders in the larger agricultural scheme must be completely developed. This extends to university systems and extension services and is much more comprehensive in Africa because of traditional social structures and women's place within agriculture, markets and education. Further, more details about the structure and nature of education from early childhood through to practical and experiencial business development must be incorporated into university level education. The author lays out a very practical scheme to have students graduate universities running their own enterprises or family enterprises compared to graduating only to leave for the city and an urban job. (LIBMP3-3259G)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol 429 - Today's topics include: From the Davos forum we find that the uber-rich are preparing to abandon the cities; how integration, migration and liberalism changed Blacks; western liberalism verses socialist conservatism; social engineering and zionist institutional control; who controls our societal institutions?; African empirical basis of power; federal statutes that transformed family; drugs and the shattering of urban potential; parallel chronologies for Blacks in west verses Africa; rule by wise and esteemed elders; how culture embraces creative processes; tactics to take our LIB voice to the world; new interstate media groups; unfocused Afri-Amers; corporate media's lying biases; practical solutions for the week; and more. (LIBMP3-3290) The New Harvest Book Study Vol 6 -  Pt 1 Energy and Telecommunications; Pt 2 Enabling Infrastructure and Human Resources 1 - We continue with this amazing research from the noted Harvard University Professor, Dr. Calestous Juma. First is firmly established just how important energy development is to the creation of the broadbased economic potential of agriculture and affiliated industries. A number of energy solutions and their regional practicality are showcased. As well, energy is needed to unleash the rural based industries that will empower human capital. Next up, telecommunications receives the same detailed scrutiny as well as "innovative infrastructure" which is about knowledge acquisition, reverse-engineering and ongoing training for maintanence and future development. Great examples are brought forward on these and more . (LIBMP3-3259F) Killing of Gaddafi, Downfall of Libya and the Birth of People's Government / Ella Baker Unsung Hero of the Movement for Human Rights in the U.S. - As the western media is currently wringing its hands over the mess created with the destruction of the Libyan state and the rise of ISIS/ISIL, we are able to go beyond the headlines and provide critical details of the evolution of this story. We cover his murder, the western creation of ISIS, the false story of the Gaddafi dictatorship and the powerful grass roots system for governance that was created in Libya. As well, Gaddafi was a staunch Pan Africans in his later years. Download includes the Libya Green Book. Next, behind nearly every leader associated with the so-called Civil Rights Movement, Ella Baker was the guiding voice, inspiring youth leadership, creating numerous organizations and constantly overlooked and abused by patriarchic male leaders of the organizations except for the SCLC which she guided into existence. We also share here international human rights leadership. (LIBMP3-3291) Black Love Where Did It Go with Rev. Carolyn Boyd / Craig Norman Ghana and African Investment Potential - In the first hour, we look at the post-Valentine's reality of the status of male-female relations, family, childbearing and the manner of which this all is being so negatively impacted by current social environment. Outside of most people's attention, we have fallen victim to a complex strategic program to reduce our numbers by destruction of the family and the partnerships which bear children. To the contrary, our African cultural values are here to rescue us from population control. Next, our guest is a business man and real estate developer in Ghana. His first-hand insights go a long way to dispell many of the false ideas, rumors and miscalculations that Afri-Amers continue to make which keep us from enjoying powerful multinational business successes. (LIBMP3-3292)
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  Ayo Handy-Kendi Black Love Day / Africa for the Africans Repatriation and Dispelling Media Myths, Bomani Tyemba, Seestah Imahkus and Rahn Bizzle - In the first hour we use the Adinkra roots of the symbol for love, Akoma. The distinct needs of our people to comprehend love from an African point of view are weighed against the contradictory values of corporate America and their foreign culture. The need for guidance from African cultural values is also discussed. In the second hour, our distinguished panel of experts shares their insights on African tourism, investment, repatriation, how the Western media distorts our views of our homeland, and the many reasons that more and more Diaspora born Africans are returning to the continent for short term and long term commitments. (LIBMP3-3286) Five Great Black Women of World History Pts 1 & 2 - Hatshepsut, The Candaces (Kitakes) of Kush, Yaa Asantewaa, Ida Wells-Barnett, Nzinga Mbandi of Ndongo and Matamba - From the dawn of human civilization and history there have been meny women of African ancestry who have created truly historical movements, events and triumphs. These women profiled in this chapter of our historic studies influence events far beyond their time and geography. From one woman whose rule as Pharoah of Kemet (ancient Egypt) as one of the great builders and traders in the ancient world; to the rule of four Candaces/Kitakes (queens) of Kush; to warrior queens in west and central Africa, to one of the greatest champions for human rights and most important journalists in America during the 20th Century; we have examples of the enduring spirit of the African warrior queen and champion that we would infuse into our generation and to all generations to follow. (LIBMP3-3287) Cronin's Book on Marcus Garvey and Our Critique / Counter-intuitive Business Pt 2 Reversing the Trends from Mastering Monetization with Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi - During the course of our long tenure on LIBRadio we've examined the life of Marcus Garvey and the UNIA from many perspectives. Today's study of the book by white author David Cronon is one of the most problematic. From the forward by the noted black historian John Hope Franklin to our analysis of the chapter "Up You Might Race", we uncover many contradictions which lead us to determine that the writers have contrary perspective on some of the UNIA and its leader's most significant visions. Next, we continue to discuss how "counter-intuitive" planning and thinking outside the box could stand as some of the best ways that black-owned businesses can project themselves into a whole new level of success. What we can comprehend is that our current practices are quite limiting and we are going to have to retrain ourselves to make for better business success in the near future. (LIBMP3-3288) 12 Great Pan African National Leaders Pts 1 & 2 - In today's extensive study we profile these leaders, many of whom assumed presidency immediately upon the end of colonialism, all of whom advanced Pan African unity beyond their own national borders. While we have to race through extensive milestones within the lives of these champions of African independence, we do get a chance to see some of their core values, shared history, trans-national experiences and challenges to their countries come to light. Some of the histories that are being written about great African leaders are incomplete or distorted and as such we have to insert our broad-based knowledge and insights into this particular record. We cannot over emphasize this point that we, The Lion, have now risen to correct these distorted histories and anti-Pan African propaganda. I trust you will be inspired as have I to bring the powerful visions, strategies and plans for our sovereign development to complete and total victory and liberation of a United African Federation which is truly trans-continental. (LIBMP3-3289)
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  Joseph Rivers: Young People Follow Your Dream / Counter Intuitive Biz Success - Mastering Monetization - In the first hour the guest is a student at an HBCU who received 41 college scholarships for millions of $$$ in collegiate support yet passed on opportunities to attend prestigious schools including Harvard. Instead he picked a cultural setting because it saw his true potential. We discuss the critical roles of historical knowledge, role models and having a driving vision as critical toward the development of our youth leadership. Next, our regular session with master marketer Aunkh Aakhu covers some of the critical mistakes that are limiting black business success. In particular, we think outside of the box with counter-intuitive strategies. During this extensive discussion a dozen key points are presented as foundation and focus for a whole new level of economic empire building. (LIBMP3-3283) From Plan to Planet, Planning for Global Empire / Dr. Nancy Banks Ebola and the Schemes to Control Africa - On the anniversary of Bob Marley's birth, we weave together a complex fabric to demonsrate that our ability to create a trans-national empire that the world has not seen for 3000 years. This involuves written plans, accessing REC's, new coalitions, the three critical elements of empire, ideas of a "President of Black America" and our application of knowledge of history. In the second hour, the author of AIDS, OPIUM, DIAMONDS AND EMPIRE joins us to discuss the massive amount of background to Ebola, psyops, media manipulation and the gross manner by which external forces constantly manipulate our potential to become powerful world leaders and masters of our own destiny. As well, she explains how the currenty measles hype, vaccinations and drug companies are NOT to be trusted with our future. (LIBMP3-3284) The Falcon Forum Vol 428 - Today's show had some technical challenges but the audio archive was unaffected. We discussed: current hype over measles outbreaks and demands for mass vaccination; contradictory voices within the medical research establishment; punishing intellectual heresy; public division and "Perceptions Management"; Edward Bernays and the use of media to mold public thought; land holding in Africa and foreign leasing of African agricultural land; health challenges facing Black seniors; accessing the community through church gatekeepers; analysis of the crisis in Philadelphia schools system; gentrifucation of urban education; linking education to the prison complex and labor markets; how municipalities make money jailing the public; global economics, labor markets and the EU crisis; breaking up of the European Union; African leadership and critical challenges; collective investment, food and banking; shortcomings of African-centered education; selling off the NYSE; Ferguson and the paramilitary law enforcement trend; and much more. (LIBMP3-3285) The New Harvest Book Study Vol 5 - Pts 1 & 2 Reforming Innovation and Enabling Infrastructure - In the first hour we contine our detailed analysis of how "innovation systems" in African agricultural economics continue to develop. Numerous examples of new partnerships are examined in China, other countries and within Africa nations. Key are partnerships involving universities, governments, NGO's and private industry. China's dramatic reforms from 1980 to 2009 are a key example of how to get it right. Second, we enter into key areas such as transportation, electrification and irrigation to now focus on the specific areas of technical innovation which will bring the biggest, sometimes stunning, rates of return on investment. The fields identified today are the critical areas of education and investment which will give us an inside connection to the world's largest agricultural production system in 15 years IF we act today on what we have as serious intelligence resource. (LIBMP3-3259E)
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  LIBRadio January 2015 Collection on MP3 - An entire month of our new return to daily broadcasts, includes over 54 hours of mp3 recordings. Topics include: 2014 year in review; 2015 40 predictions; four Falcon Forum think tank shows; Nigeria profile, 3 volumes of The New Harvest book study; the crimes of Lyndon Johnson; French militarism since WW2; health analyses of alcohol, red meat & cancer, nutrition for seniors; African economic developments, false flag ops in Operation Gladio; roots of agriculture and modern organic gardening; how China and BRICS are dominating the new global economy; using the new media and telling our own story; our obsession with fantasy and superstition; organizing for community progress; practical Pan Africanism; techniquest for advancing business and marketing; and much more. Over 54 hours of original broadcasting in this collection. (LIB-Jan-All) The New Harvest Book Study Vol 4 - Agricultural Innovation Systems Pts 1 & 2  - We continue our study of the fantastic book from Prof. Juma, our foray this week into Chapter Three: Agricultural Innovation Systems. We first develop the very concept of such systems; and then explore a number of such systems in process.  These include university-industral partnerships which are producing great outcome where applied.  As well wider institutional linkages are offered up as practical and productive structures.  Finally we explore "clusters" as innovation systems.  The practical applicability of today's study sessions cannot be under appreciated despite the often bland descriptions we are forced to use.  This is truly mind-blowing and revolutionary information and its ability to turn our efforts into profoundly affective institution-building must be comprehended by those of us who are sincerely intent on MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Today's download includes an included PDF download of Dr. Juma's fantastic book.  (LIBMP3-3259D) Black Celebrities Who Matter / African Empires of Power in History - In the first hour we have assembled a list of black celebrities, in media, sports, fashion and the arts, who have used their fame and wealth as a basis for fighting for human rights, economic progress, civil and judicial rights and other areas critical to human development. Some of these greats are now deceased but there are a number of them living and working today, including a number of younger celebrities. We examine their contributions and acknowledge their actions. Next, when we examine the history of power and empire across the African world, and compare that to salacious TV programs ripping off the concepts, we can become very inspired. Beyond Egypt, Mali, Ghana and Songhai, there are many powerful African empires that we have as example of the even GREATER empire that we claim will be accomplished in the next 35 years. This is REAL black history and our children need to know from whence they came so that they can reclaim their throne of power. (LIBMP3-3281) Hip Hop, Scandal and Fertility Control Pts 1 & 2 with Rev Carolyn Boyd - In today's simulcast on Inner Light Radio, we look at news headlines involving music mogul Suge Knight, again charged with a capital crime, Bobbie Kristina Brown, daughter of singer Whitney Houston-Brown, a series of prime-time TV dramas programmed for black women, along with a large and complex scheme to control and eventually reduce Afri-Amer fertility. Considered in the light as to how all of these cultural media phenomena have strong areas of commonality, we must conclude that a deliberate conspiracy is at work. IF we understand this to be so, then how can we reverse-engineer this system to be more advantageous to our long term interests and intergenerational survival capacity? (LIBMP3-3282)
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  Organic Gardening from the GW Carver Laboratory / Comparing Paleo vrs Vegan Nutrition Lifestyle - In the first hour Keidi shares decades of hands-on experience, insights and science-based logistics of growing one's own backyard organic garden. The techniques of raised bed, Square Foot, and soil blending all are specifics which have to be understood completely. The outcome of such methods quicly proves that growing our own organic food is the only solution to clean food living and optimized nutrition. Next, we consider the distinctions between the Paleo and Vegan dietary patterns. Different research points out the logic and advantages of both. In the end, we come to determine that one style is unquestionably superior to the other because of the basics of human biology as well as the health of the environment. (LIBMP3-3277) 15 Lessons for Afri-Amers Revisited and The Lion Learns to Write Again / Back of the Bus Economics - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh Aakhu and Keidi - In the first hour today we get serious about getting serious for our people's self-interest. There are 15 critical areas wherein our expanded research, comprehension and mastery will make us, as a group, more powerful and capable of thriving into future generations. Without this mastery, we may be doomed to an extinction in a few decades. Next, the ability to successfully deploy the right marketing and business development strategies is key to moving the 2 million black-owned businesses from "solo-preneurship" into vibrant and competitive organizations with the capacity to provide jobs for a much larger community. (LIBMP3-3278) 10 Great African Men of History - During this 2-hour we explore 10 Great Black Men of African heritage from around the global whose leadership changed the course of world history. While not a completely comprehensive list (we also bring forward 12 also-mentions as well as plan to do a similar program for Great Black Women to follow up) these figures undeniably had a profound impact on the world of that time and for generations to come. We have often heard or said that "the shortest month of the year cannot contain the longest history of human civiliation"; that of Africans. Therefore, before we get to African World History Month, we have taken this opportunity to get started out of the gates in wonderful fashion with todays's extensive historical review. (LIBMP3-3279) The Falcon Forum Vol 427 - Topics include: The impact of declining oil on macro economics and currency values; ramifications of a bubble in the dollar value; China's strategic placement of $4 trillion dollar reserves; moving our savings into infrastructure; our need to study history and forecast the future; moving from local to global perspectives; China's peacekeeping mission in Sudan; who will protect oil sources?; how Hilary Clinton's loss in 2016 is being orchestrated; the roots of jihadist terrorism; collapsing empires and chaos creation; Mugabe ascends to AU presidency; African regional economic communities (REC's) and power projection; African federation vrs L'Alliance Blanc; The CFR backs down the Obama foreign policy team; dual U.S.-Israeli citizens and the Obama administration; why the military hated the Libya operation; is the Queen of England keeping Obama in power?; Clintons and Rothschilds; the feminist triumverate being put aside; Gaddhafi's threat to French policy in Africa; the roundabout on Syria & no more war against Iran; heat on Israel's northern border; jihad in 7 more Islamist zones; U.S. healthcare crisis rising faster; Fukushima radiation extracting a toll; measles outbreak in question; the debate over climate change; and much more... (LIBMP3-3280)
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  Senior Nutrition for Health and Longevity / Nana Nehanda Sankofa Ra - Practical Pan Africanism in Action - In the first hour we look at the special needs of seniors to access the type of complete nutrition and hydration that will allw them to be disease-free, drug free and to anjoy a vital longevity. We go through the 8 basic nutritional needs, specific sources to get high quality nutrients, the difference between synthetic and natural vitamins, as well as the particular power of greens and minerals. In the second hour, our guest is one of the most effective and active Pan Africans within our national community. She shares insights, inspiring stories, her own desire to move to Africa and the many ways by which we have been deceived on a mass scale regarding the longterm interests of Pan African partnerships. (LIBMP3-3274) The Falcon Forum Vol 426 - (Part of first hour audio is bad) Topics include: Think tanks, money & power; structure of black intelligensia; creating a macro communication system; youth and revolutionary change; the draft as counter to social unrest; corruption of cultural values; the death of the Saudi king and why it matters; the new push to contain Iran in Israel and the U.S. congress; Arabs & Jews...; 2006 missing nuke weapon used in Syria?; The EU stressed between east and west; Charlie Hebdo false flag motives; Putin uses religion to unite Orthodox Christian world; shifting global affairs and Africa; China in Africa debate; State of the Union Address analysis; release of prisoners from drug sentencing reform; how Boko Haram benefits the West; gas prices and new taxes; banks at risk; bring churches into progressive movement; thinking outside the box; Sharpton's irrelevance; a tough year ahead; transforming our health sufficiency; create our own or join others'?; and much more. $3 for today's program which has some audio issues for the first 1/2 hour. (LIBMP3-3275) The New Harvest Book Study Vol 3 - Pts 1 & 2 First hour we continue our look at the impact of modern technologies on the potential for African continental agriculture to undergo a dramatic transformation and to be able to leapfrog much of a century of such evolution of food production in developed nations. First a spectrum of biotechnology considerations are put on the table. Much of our attention is on the complex situation with GMO crops and how some populations in the U.S., EU, Russia and other places have put up strict barriers to its development. Next, the development of the new field of nanotechnology itself is a new frontier with many promises as well as attendant risks. In the end, our emphasis must be on technology access, comprehension and appropriate adoption with an eye to sustainability and the health of the population and Nature as highest priorities. Key areas for scientific knowledge acquiring are emphasized throughout today's broadcast and we must pay close attention to the STEM curriculum which will transform our youth's lives. (LIBMP3-3259C) China and BRICS Invest in CELAC and South America / Rev. Phil Valentine El on the Road Ahead - In the first hour we begin looking at the $50B investment China is making in Nicaragua to replace the obsolete Panama Canal and forge a new era in trade in the Western Hemisphere. Further, the BRICS bank as well as China is making major development investment according to a strong strategic plan to replace the U.S. position in hemispheric economic and political affairs. This will have great impact on our reality no matter where we are. Next, one of our favorite guests returns to give us a set of priorities to focus our resourcefulness on for the seasons ahead. From preparing for disaster, education, international relations and resisting manipulation by the corporate media, the ideas are intended to be practical, actionable and based upon our profound knowledge of self and our ancient systems for strategic organizing and realizng our spiritual empowerment. (LIBMP3-3276)
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  World Bank, IMF and BRICS Development Bank in Global Competition / Why Do People Love Crazy Conspiracies, Superstition and Fantasy? - In the first hour we look at the recent forecast by the World Bank of low rates of GDP growth in industrialized countries and contrast that against Africa and the BRICS nations. This is creating a world wide and intense competition for the foundation of global development funding in the near future. Second hour, we ask just how have so many people bought into some of the craziest, most impractical and stupid conspiracies imaginable? How is this also closely related with religious superstition and fantasy? Underlying this obsession are traumatized psyches, feelings of inadequacy and an almost childlike dependency on authority figures. (LIBMP3-3271) Where Do We Go From Here? - Keidi Awadu on the Carl Nelson Show, WOL - Using the title of Dr. Martin L. King Jr's last self-authored book as basis for our examination, we consider the future of our people and the impact of a broad set of factors determining sustainable power and progressive development.  Hot topics include: terrorism, language, African economic development, domestic leadership and politics, and an expansive set of relationshipes between our awareness (mastery) of history and our ability to project ourselves into a future where a United Federationi of African States will be a superpower state.  We have a chance to move firmly back into our position as world leadership and we need not blow this opportunity. (WOL-150120) FREE to download. Where Do We Go From Here - Chaos or Community? with Solutions - This powerful theme continues to develop with our analysis of 15 critical areas for future development. The road to the future is dual-forked and we must make critical decisions early on as to our destination and the pathways we shall seek along the way. From historical perspective, battles with the enslavers; seizing control of media and education, our international relations; our own distinct analysis of the major news stories around the world; our ability to stop reacting to what corporate news puts on the table for us to consume; as well as our profound understanding of the role of race, culture and civilization conflict in the determination of our people to see themselves empowered around the world -- The future is here and for us to determine. Now, let's get this party started! (LIBMP3-3272) World Economic Forum Risks Assessment for 2015 / Black Business Roundup 2015 - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh Aakhu and Keidi - In the first hour, we examine the new report from the WEF which polled 900 economic leaders as to the greatest risks and trends for the year ahead. From water shortages to interstate conflict, technology threats, economic crises and more, this is really useful information for those of us who are convinced that we are legitimately world leadership ourselves as Africans. There are a number of powerful insights and surprises in the report. Next hour, Aunkh returns with a powerful presentation on his analysis of Afri-Amer business trends of 2014. This was not a good year for our business but all was not negative news. By having an accurate view of what took place this past year as well as our impact on the global economy, we can then make proper forecasts and plans for 2015. (LIBMP3-3273)
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  The New Face of Internet Media and Communications - We take a broad look at the way by which Internet-based media networks are posing a serious challenge to the traditional corporate media. From YouTube, RT, CCTV and a whole spectrum of networks broadcasting from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and across the U.S., we have access to insights and voices that make traditional western corporate media tremble because of the competition. Now our challenge is to join together like fingers on the same hand and to bring our own voice forward, full of insights, relevant opinions and infused with quality and integrity to rival any other new voice on the world scene. Today we also show off a new look for our own broadcast, demonstrating that your investments are making a difference in the quality of our own programming and content production. (LIBMP3-3268) The Falcon Forum Vol 425 - Topics include: The Charlie Hebdo episode is now evident in new conflicts around the world; the damned dynamics of European demographics; negative black fertility patterns; mass communications, travel and cultural impact on birthrates; a debate on how we protect our own culture; urbanization and deurbanization for our future sustainability; which books will best serve our progress; do Afrocentric studies work for us?; non-originality of "Western culture"; studies on population density and the conditioned reflex; propaganda lies of our times; false flag operations in history and today; Boko Haram back in corporate news headlines; Nigerian challenges toward superpower status; impact of falling oil and energy on various economies around the world; East-West economic conflicts escalate; returning LIBRadio back to the throne of Internet radio; currency fluctuation and looming depression; Germany, Russia and the Prussian empire rebounding; homeland security and police oppression; analysis of the movie Selma and the history of the people's struggle for rights; and much more. (LIBMP3-3269) Keidi Awadu - Interviews 2014: While we took a year off from daily broadcasts on LIBRadio, nonetheless it was a busy year to spread the word about the myriad of research-based solutions that were in place.  Keidi Awadu was featured throughout the year on dozens of radio broadcasts across the nation and in other countries.  Here is a selection of the favorites of those programs.  Within these conversations you will hear many practical and timely solutions, most often based upon resources already within our reach.  Over 50 hours of MP3 audio for one discounted price of $25 -

Prof. Manu Ampim: The Enduring Legacy of the Life of the Rev. Martin L. King, Jr. - In this two-hour presentation we host one of the world's foremost scholars on the life, times, writings, FBI files and tactical strategies of this Great and Beloved Ancestor. Many of the myths that are being promoted about Dr. King are so superficial that they are summarily dismissed such as King as a "dreamer" or an "integrationist." His battles with the U.S. political machinery, including warmaking around the world, became central battlegrounds for significant parts of his life. As well we look closely at King's international profile, resistance from fellows within the movement and his date with destiny on April 4, 1968 when the sniper's bullet ended his life. His legacy continues on today and for the future. (LIBMP3-3270)

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  The New Harvest Book Study Vol 2 - Pt 1 The New Economy (2) and Pt 2 Advances in Science and Technology (1) - We continue our analysis of the book by Harvard Professor Calestous Juma and his examination of agricultural innovation in Africa over the past decades and leading toward a culmination in 2030 whereby continental agriculture will absolutely provide one of the world's largest agri-economies.  Over so many particular areas from government policies, to region African commissions, external investment and indigenous creative innovation, there should be little doubt in the listener's mind that this future is occurring and the best bet would be to find our place in it.  During thw whole of this dynamic 2-hour presentation we highlight point after point whereby you and I can practically engage in these developmens with the resources we already posess. Please, get the book and follow our entire series of studies from this volume. (LIBMP3-3259B) Why Consuming Alcohol is a Bad Idea / Critical Economic Developments in Africa 2015 - In the first hour we use a number of evidence-based articles and health advocacy research to show that even moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages can have a spectrum of negative effects on the body from damaged brain cells, nervous system disruption, liver disease, pancreatic damage, genetic alteration and cancer proliferation. Instead, we dozens of suggestions for drinks that actually enhance our well-being and carry no warnings of "use in moderation only." In the second hour we look at three critical articles for African growth: Libya's hidden wealth from the Gadaffi era; The Problem-Solving mentality for African leadership; and many tens of millions of Chinese are migrating to Africa for permanent relocation. All of these topics have elements within them which are empowering for those of us who have visions of Pan African development. (LIBMP3-3265) New Study Proves Link Between Red Meat and 500% Increase Risk of Cancer / History of Operation Gladio and False Flag Operations - In our first hour we look at cutting edge new research from the Univ. of California San Diego that shows how humans cannot consume a sugar molecule found in red meat and that the presence of Neu5Gc in lab mice provides a 5-fold increase in cancerous tumors. The impications of this discovery are immense for cancer prevention. Next hour, the current crisis of terrorism in France with the Charlie Hebdo publication remind of us a long history of "false flag" terrorist incidents for 60 years that were falsely blamed on leftist and progressive groups. The "War on Terror" is now provoking many of these same demonic forces to use this age-old tactic in order to provoke warmongering. Evidence from Paris this week implicates security agencies as the real culprits. (LIBMP3-3266) Ancient Egyptian Origins of Agriculture and Horticulture / Who Will Tell Our Story of A Great People's History? - In the first hour we have some amazing research that documents that a broad spectrum of invention and innovation in agriculture as well as horticulture originated in ancient Egypt / Khemet. 6000 Years of history includes some pretty important innovations from the oldest civilization in history. Next, on the date of the birth anniversary of Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Jr., we salute the rise of African media and filmmakers and those who support them. We then go through a long list of critical stories that can best be told by Back filmmakers. The new technologies have given us the greatest advantage in modern history to once again become the premier story tellers in the world. We have no reason to hesitate in putting this media system into place. (LIBMP3-3267)
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  Rev. Carolyn Boyd and Keidi Discuss 2015 Predictions and Specific Strategies to Engage for Transformation - We review some of the highlights from the list of 43 predictions that were made for the coming yearand more deep analysis of how these areas have come to impact our lives. Now one week into the new year, we can start to examine tangible evidence that is confirming our points of concern, especially early economic indicators of the declining economy and the global resistance against continued persistence of "dollar supremacy." In the end, we MUST come up with particular strategies and re-ordering of our investments that reflect our ability to move according to our own practical forecasts. Critical areas regarding women's organization, youth labor strategies, post-incarceration economic development and trans-national capital development all are very, very important subjects on the table today. 2 hours of hard hitting facts. (LIBMP3-3261) The Crimes of Lyndon B. Johnson - In the face of criticism in the Washington Post of Selma filmmaker Ava DuVernay over her portrayal of the role of President Johnson in the struggle for "civil rights", we take a deep look into the sordid history of the Johnson presidency. This history includes assassinations of JF Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, military coups in Vietnam, Indonesia, Dominican Republic and Brazil, extensive warmongering in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia, COINTELPRO and other secret programs directed against segments of the U.S. population, numerous attempts against Castro, a series of racial uprisings and riots in the U.S., as well as suspician of a series of murders before Johnson even ascended to Vice President under Kennedy. We document references to all of these controversial historical accusations. Was Lyndon Johnson the most corrupt president in U.S. history? (LIBMP3-3262) The History of French Military Intervention Since WW2 - While world attention is today focused on the terrorist crimes occurring in France this week, we look at the deep background to why so many populations around the world have such deep resentment to the French state. From the end of WW2, France has violently assaulted and invaded many dozens of countries in Southeast Asia, Africa and throughout the Muslim world. We look at their long record of overthrowing populist movements, their role in the Rwanda genocide arming the killers, supporting dictatorships across Africa and inserting arms into many places where the forces of people's sovereign development are opposed by oppressive state security forces. As well France's sponsorship of killer mercenaries is legend around the world. Is what we are seeing in France this week another case of "chickens coming home to roost? How many of us really are aware of this sordid history? (LIBMP3-3263) The Falcon Forum Vol 424 - Topics today include: News coverage of the Charlie Habdo terrorism attack in France; another false flag operation?; looking again at the 9-11 incidence in the U.S. who dunnit?; Blacks, demographics and the impact of the "Birth Dearth"; moving south for a new future in America; the new economic dynamic in the western hemisphere; learning to build an agricultural economy again; power of navies in world security projection; who will win US, Russia or China in the new power projection?; America's obsession with guns; history of Blacks armed; Should we abandon big northern cities?; a "Stealth World War" against Islam; economic assault against Venezuela and the CELAC nations; China scoops up world energy supplies; people's uprising in Haiti; the hidden hand of educating black leadership; families prepare children for success in education; strategies for Pan African growth and development; stagnancy of black organizations; Boko Haram accused of killing 2000 people this week in Nigeria; the terrible history of French militarism since WW2; film recommendation of the week; and more. (LIBMP3-3264)
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  2015 Predictions for the New Year - Using a variety of scientific processes to examine news, economics, international relations, politics, social studies, technology, demographics and business trends, we present 40 predictions for the year ahead within the global environment. Specific areas covered include: post-Christmas economic outlook; shifting weather patterns affect agriculture; stressed urban economies; radical feminism on the attack; Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush; scandals among the black elected leadership; targeting young black women; degeneration of the food supply system; East-West economic Cold War; Obama, the "stealth Republican"; and Africa Rising. The brilliance is in the detailed way by which each prediction is logically laid out. Please keep this report available for examination throughout the year. (LIBMP3-3257) The Falcon Forum Vol 423 - Top stories include: Recap of big stories from 2014; power of Internet & social media; role of youth in changing society; the people, law enforcement and the jucidial system; demographics and national destiny; mid-term elections and a failing oligarchy; an ascending aggressive foreign policy; Hillary Clinton vrs. Jeb Bush, no contest; Feminism on the attack; post WW2 evolution of global economics & power; BRICS on the scene challenging power; Putin as the most "manly" leader; Obama's fate?: ruble vrs the dollar 2015?; the new Eurasian Economic Union as game changer; dumping dollars for more valuable assets; progress for manufacturing and production; real careers in arts and entertainment for our youth; STEM and the future of higher education; bold money moves; Haiti, Cuba and new economic frontiers; labor and ROI; Pan African economic future; international media and business development; and much more. (LIBMP3-3258) The New Harvest Book Study Vol 1 - Our new study begins of this critical book by Calestous Juma, Harvard Univ. Professor, on Agricultural Innovation in Africa. We begin by establishing that in the next years, the world economy will change dramatically and that African agriculture has the potential to be leading the world. In the first hour we examine the Introduction to the book and the broad spectrum of factors which are coming to play during this rapid evolution. In the second hour we look specifically at The New Economy which points out dozens of places where this dynamic is historically established and showing up in contemporary avenues. Those of us who will to have a dynamic place in the future of global economics must come to realize that this research confirms what we knew at the dawn of human civilization, that the production, processing and distribution of food is one of the major keys to economic empowerment and sustainable development. Awesome research that will continue for weeks. (LIBMP3-3259A) Nigeria, A National Profile 2015 - We look deep into this populous and wealthy West African nation and predict its future course toward superpower status. Our research covers: pre-colonial history; military conquest by Britain; independence on Oct 1, 1960 and early leadership; the Biafra civil war; the growth of oil wealth; demographic changes; its economic trajectory; industrial growth; motor vehicle manufacturing expansion and exporting; military strength; healthcare systems; education; ECOWAS and Nigeria; future prospects; and the presence of 380,000 Diaspora Nigerians within the U.S. For so many reasons, we should have long ago built strong and enduring relationships with the people of this dynamic nation. This report should go a long way to fill in this gap and help Diaspora Africans to build a future together that will endure for many centuries to come. (LIBMP3-3260)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol 420 - Today's topics include: Short attention span of Afri-Amers on news events; Ebola pandemic returns to news focus as it comes to America; 3 primary American agenda items for the U.S. in Africa; insights on bio-chem and toxin warfare and Ebola; How fast is the dollar sinking and can U.S. oil save it?; the new conflict between West and East; hydrocarbon energy and economic warfare; renewable energy and emerging nations opportunity; the challenges to repatrition and Pan African trade; changing the mindset of Afri-Amers toward Africa; the potential of agriculture and renewable energy to transform the race; what Fergesun Missouri really means to domestic peace; how tech changes society; Hong Kong street protests in context; billionaires battling for supremacy; the tragic U.S. response to ISIS/ISIL; mercenaries in the Ukraine conflict; Germany, France and U.S. rivalries surface; the realighment of the western hemisphere political future; a great list of practical solutions; and more. (LIBMP3253) Like It Is Radio - Rodney Smith Sir Cooper Keidi Franklyn - The State of Black and Democratic Party Politics and What Is Really Happening in Ferguson, Missouri? - First we begin with an on-the-scene analysis from Ground Zero in Missouri where black activists have been sustaining a prolonged fight to secure justice and econommic engagement. There is much that the corporate media has been ignoring or suppressing. Next, we look at the way that national politics changes but continues to exclude our people. Is there a better way to organize for black power than to constantly appeal to voting and other predictable strategies? We get "outside the box" with a lot of our insights, recommendations and strategies. I trust you will be also inspired to consider new ways of seeking power for ourselves, community and our children's future. (LIBMP3254) The Falcon Forum Vol 421 - Topics include: Ferguson was predicted by our panel; history of anti-black pogroms; solutions coming from the grass roots; linking up with Occupy Wall Street; taking our grievances international; corruption in the DA's office; the Police State of America and the "King Alfred Plan"; targeting Walmart and other preditor businesses; understanding BRICS and the new developing world alliance; investing in African countries; dangers and advantages of multiethnic coalitions; how to educate the masses; trans-national economic development; moves toward real power; accessing a spectrum of social media and IPTV resources; staying healthy despite the holidays; building on the natural beauty trehd; bold moves in Jackson, Mississippi; developing Pan African cooperatives; and much more. (LIBMP3255) 2014 African World News Recap: 43 Stories that Captivated Our Attention (or SHOULD Have) - We take a month, by month look at the stories that dominated the media, capitivated our attention and focus, as well as a number of stories that were overlooked by the corporate-controlled media, but still were very important to the development of African progress within the U.S. and around the world. Beyond merely repeating these stories and our responses, we put into context most of these stories and expose critical details which were excluded from the mainstream coverage. This was a very eventful year yet when the year ended it was hard to point to those areas where we actually made progress. Well, those who heard this show now know just how critical this year was to the growth of our long term self-determination. (LIBMP3256)
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  Keidi Awadu on KCEP: African Economics, Ebola and the Chewicide Movie, Aug 2014 - The Conscious Rasta has just returned from two weeks touring his new movie on the East coast as well as a week filming a new documentary in Nairobi, Kenya.  The insights on contemporary African history, economics, politics, the Ebola virus threat, the impact of food, nutrition and healthcare on the population, as well as tremendous opportunities to develop robust businesses based upon our new understands -- all form basis for this fast-pased and comprehensive dialogue.  The facts are what they are and state that the world is changing rapidly.  New powers are emerging and old superpowers are rapidly fading.  We need to make bold decisions based upon complete understanding the power of these current trends.  $5.00 digital download (LIBMP3-3250) The Falcon Forum Volume 419 - Great show today includes: Keidi's report from the Kenya trip; ending the burden of tribalism across Africa; corporatism vrs trusting relationships; streamlining doing business in African countries; BRICS vrs the IMF and World Bank; bringing Diaspora Africans into development schemes; the Africa Summit concludes in DC; U.S. agenda of pharmaceuticals, security and Power Africa; containing China in Africa; Western cultural arrogance; Russia, Zimbabwe and the Grand Chessboard; Putin's masterful moves; BRICS Brazil summit; Ebola, population control and the state of CB Warfare; the burden of aging population; who shot down flight MH17?; tools of national persuasion; and a number of practical solutions. (LIBMP3251) Conscious Rasta Special Report on Ebola May 1995 - Virus Outbreak or Mycotoxin Attack? - This is one chapter from the 1998 book CONSPIRACIES AND HIGH CRIMES.  From the beginning of the third episode of "the virus called ebola" in the DR Congo, I was highly suspicious of news reports.  With deep background research into state of the art work in bio-chem warfare, I discovered that there was a third class of CBW called "toxin warfare."  My hypothesis followed that what was taking place in then-called Zaire was NOT an infectious agent but a genetically altered form of a mycobacterium which had caused one of the oldest known diseases in history, Ergot.  Modern day technology had altered this fungus and the deadly toxin it produced was being secreted into medical supplies being donated to the victim countries.  There are many details to this story which can completely change the future for those empowered with such life-saving information.  $4.00 DRP-EBO-May1995 America is Coming Apart - In this one-hour program from Inner Light Radio, Keidi hosts an indepth investigation into the current degeneration of the once-great nation as a spectrum of failing values, immorality, greed and corruption slowly bring down the U.S. We look closely at 10 key indicators and show several means by which the leadership is failing to maintain the ship of state on a steady course into a sustainable future. Finally, we come to a conclusion with a solution that many will find very hard to consider: that we will probably have to leave this country in order to raise our family and generations to come in a place where all members will have hope for future accomplishment and not be burdened with being unwanted within a degenerating nation. (LIBMP3252)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol 417 - Special extended broadcast, topics include: major changes happening during the "Global Reset"; the end of the rule of the petrodollar; Russian leadership within the new Asian order; Syria and Ukraine changed the nature of the game; pokiing the Russian bear; EU-leader Germany's Eastern visions; the shadow of Prussia; Reparations rising again; St. Vincent & the Grenadines and the CARICOM initiative; UK's debt owed to Jamaica's ruin; Kenya's demand for Reparations; Pan African ecnomic clout; restructuring the demand for compensation; do we matter and can we make a change?; impact of the Falcon Forum on world affairs; individual and collective actions; Pan African filmmaking; America's failing economy; Obama, NSA, FBI and Insider Threat; is Jeb the new Bush in town?; and more. (LIBMP3246) Fifteen Lessons for Afri-Amers: Vol 1 Overview - We spend 90 minutes explaining how the situation for Africans in America (Afri-Amers) has become untenable and unsustainable. We then give a cursury look at 16 different areas where we can see evidence that change is inevitable. Every part of this study is well-referenced and some of our evidence is so shocking that many would rather just indulge in the realm of superstition and fantasy. Yet the babies need to be birthed, fed, educated to adulthood and empowered. Therefore we take on this task of thorough analysis of the source of problems. resources available to the group and what strategic initiatives will best suit the talk ahead for us all. This is a daunting mission but it could likely be that we are the most qualitied to take up such a massive task. (LIBMP3-3247) Fifteen Lessons for Afri-Amers: Volumes 2 & 3 - Vol 2: The Role of Culture in Defining Society - We look at 6 powerful axioms which underly cultures and are the main vehicles for allowing for social groups to affect the behavior of each of their members as well as the larger group. Culture is so very fundamental that a lack of understanding of its function can almost guarantee a group's continued failure. Next, Vol 3: A Practical Meaning for Consciousness, we take our perception of "consciousness" and give it much more form and practical functionality. Unfortunately, the term has come to mean so many divergent ideas that it barely serves as a practical foundation anymore and serves instead as a justification to engage in a broad spectrum of non-productive engagements. We a proper definition of "consciousness" it now becomes a powerful tool in our hands. (LIBMP3-3248) The Falcon Forum Vol 418 - Topics include: Boko Haram and the Nigerian crises; ECOWAS and economic protectionism; mercenary armies invade Africa; developing in the East; movivating the African American to get in the global game; China's shifting intentions in Africa; the character and values of Confucian civilization throughout history; German return to Africa?; dependency syndrome; degenerating cultural environment for Blacks; Ukraine, Libya, Syria and the EU-American dispute with Russia; game-changing alliances in East Asia; Putin's restraint pays off big time; reconstructing Afri-Amer agricultural economy; Black identity crisis resolution; racial education; defining the "New World Order"; new technology solutions; taking charge of Pan African media resources; and more...(LIBMP3-3249)
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  CRP-LS2MLIVING SUPERFOOD RESEARCH - Don't Get Sick, Stay Off Drugs, and Live a Long Time (PDF) - This long-awaited followup to Living Superfood Recipes goes a long way toward explaining many of the avenues by which there has arisen this amazingly healthy nutritional style based upon themes of raw, "Living food", vegan, organic superfoods as an optimal dietary lifestyle. For so long we have passionately prayed for healing miracles. This book represents the answer to these prayers. We strive to show serious, science-based explanations of how the body works as a machine designed to repair and maintain itself. Chronic disease is a consequence of things being out of order. Now you have the information to get things back in their proper order and avoid illness, Thus you can expect to avoid drugs and live a long, vital life expectancy. (View the back cover for more details) CRP-SF2- Print version is $19.99 (add $4 for shipping and handling). Ships with bonus DVD.

The Falcon Forum Vol 416 - Topics include: another "color revolution" in Ukraine; The Grand Chessboard is backfiring; the demise of oligarchical feudalism; failed encirclement of China; increasing impact of US austerity and SAPs; the burden of defending Korea, Japan and Germany; EU doesn't want another PIGS burden; the demise of the petrodollar; banker suicides and FOREX scandals; post Libya African regrets; Blacks ignore macro economics; IPTV and the future of broadband; segregating our economics; our failing leadership; honoring Mayor Chokwe Lumumba and the vision of Jackson, MS; special guest Chimene Conclaves and Pan African economics; looking closely at Angola; China's shoddy construction in Africa; getting Diaspora technicians into action; building better information networks; and much more. (LIBMP3-3245) SF_SSOUL FOOD: Do We Really Know What's In It? (Digital Download) - Soul Food has a long and deep legacy within the population of Blacks in the U.S. as well as ties to other Diaspora cultures and residual African roots.  To dismiss Soul Food out of hand without regard to its cultural history and the many sufferings of our ancestors seems inappropriate to me.  It is absolutely not my intention to insult our mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers for doing what they had to do to bring us food sustenance and to provide secure communities within which to share what we had.  Still, there are problems with Soul Food which we must face.  $7.99 for digital download with bonus audio.  
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  Black Africa: The Economic and Cultural Basis for a Federated State, Book Study Volumes 1-5 - The bold scientist, Cheikh Anta Diop left us a practical set of investigations to pursue, plans and instruction to make a unified Africa more powerful than the U.S. or the U.S.S.R., at the time. In areas of science, industrial development, concentration of development capital and political redirection, Diop;s brilliance is so far advanced than most leadership has demonstrated. (LIBMP3-277All) Rap, Hip Hop & the New World Order Study on MP3 - Planned Chaos in Youth Music Culture: Our fcomplete set of studies of this Conscious Rasta Report establishes the grounds for stating that a complex conspiracy was set up to use rappers as anti-fertility propaganda voices. Our survival is threatened by this unholy alliance. This is some dangerous stuff. Learn the truth behind the deaths of Eazy E, Tupac Shakur, Biggee Smalls and many others who got caught up in this deadly post-COINTELPRO game. (LIBMP3-2039All) An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem Book Study Volumes 1-26 on MP3 - This is the most extensive audio archive and analysis of the largest study of Africans in America. Published in 1944, this research covers virtually every aspect of Negro economics, leadership, society, history and demographics. The authors even went so far as to design a plan for "getting rid of the Negro" through population control, serving as a Blueprint for Genocide. (LIBMP3-1190All) Digital Destiny Book Study Book Study Volumes 1-7 - New Media and the Future of Democracy, by Jeff Chester. This is our first study session on this critical new book that shows how the power of the people, through mass media, was STOLEN from us with aid of politicians-for-rent, and how we will get it all back. This covers so many different aspects of the new digital media, the corruption of corporate press, how the FCC under Michael Powell was a lapdog for the oligarchy, how the media brainwashes the public and, most important, how you can I can take the power away from the corporate media carte. (LIBMP3-2289All)
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  Mind Power Study Volumes 1-11 on MP3 - Based upon the book by researcher Gary Null, we explore the emerging science toward rejuvenating our brains and memory naturally. This can help overcome depression, anxiety, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, dementia and age-related mental disorders. This information includes dozens of great recipes and nutritional supplement recommendations. 25 hours of programming. $15 for the entire set. (LIBMP3-2556All) Mad Cowboy Book Study Volumes 1-5 Collection on MP3 - Howard Lyman's research has completely upset the beef, pork dairy and poultry industries. He exposes such subjects as the roots of "mad cow syndrome", use of GMO foods in animal feed, antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, pesticides and other major contaminants of the animal food industries. In addition, irreparable damage to the environment is one of the other legacies of the moder factory farming industries. Is even necessary that we eat meat, so much that the meat lobbying agencies spend billions buying influence throughout the government and media to keep their products profitable. What this hell is going on here and why do we buy into this great lie about meat and dairy? (LIBMP3-3129All) How Europe Underdeveloped Africa Study Volumes 1-12 on MP3 - Our complete series from our examination of the landmark book by the Guyanese scholar. From the imposition of European imperialism on the continent, the colonizers systematically imposed a system to deprive the natives of their land, wealth, culture and dignity. The lasting residue of this historic denigration still is evident throughout the African world.  $15 for the collection (LIBMP3-1032All) Blueprint for Black Power Study Volumes 1-13 on MP3 & Amos Wilson Lecture - These files are from our series on the brilliant book by Dr. Amos Wilson, “A Moral, Political and Economic Imperative for the 21st Century.”  We cover critical topics such as: overview, the nature of power, black consciousness, leadership, competing ideologies, the media, politics, and ethnicity. $20 for the entire package (LIBMP3-55All)
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  The Longevity Bible Book Study Volumes 1-5 - This is the complete series, over 10 hours of radio broadcast of our reading, analysis, correction and alternative perspectives on Gary Small's book.  These 8 Essential Lifestyle Habits will no doubt add to our longevity, but only IF we are able to utilize them in context of our much broader studies on clinical nutrition and functional medicine.  Get the entire series for less than half the cost of the individual shows puchased separately for $12.00  Now that you have access to this life-enhancing information, secure your miracle and then pass it on. (LIBMP3-3224-All) Brainwashed Study Volumes 1-12 on MP3- This is the entire collection of the landmark book by advertising agent Tom Burrell on Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority. Far more than just a cultural diatribe or accusatory tome against t"the powers that be", this book is a useful and practical handbook for a broadbased action agenda. Most of the suggestions center around the positive use of propaganda to change the underlying attitudes that currently shape our debasement. Much great instruction to our youth is within this study. Over 20 hours of study on this series. $15 for the series. (LIBCD2677-All) City of Wellness Book Study Volumes 1-10 - Our analysis of the book by Queen Afua gives us a foundation to obtain and maintain health, spiritual and psychological balance as well as longevity and vitality. The study is filled with practical exercises, recipes and meditations that all easily fit into the busiest of schedules. This is one of our most important books for health and wealth.  Includes Queen Afua Interview  $15 for the series (LIBMP3-2425) Conspiracies and High Crimes Study Volumes 1-4 - Using the Conscious Rasta Report as basis for this reading and expanded study, we look at chapters on: Do Conspiracies Exist?; COINTELPRO Then and Now; Secret Societies and Ceremonial Magic; Was the Ebola virus bio-chemical warfare?; and the plot to sterilize black women.  This critical set of studies is well founded with extensive documentation and allows us to stand our ground and resist these manipulations as well as those who would condemn us as "conspiracy nuts."  $10 on MP3 collection.  LIBMP3-3063All
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  America is Rapidly Declining Into a Hell-Hole / Expanding Impoverishment of America verses Resiliant Dynamism - In the first hour we look systematically at the breakdown of the nation's cities. How did industry leave these areas? What was left in the wake of economic abandonment? We name the 12 "hell holes" of American cities and cite 20 problems with Detroit that are spreading all around the nation. Next hour, we begin by looking at the new high tech competition around the world from 70 countries and conclude by looking at policies from the African Development Bank centered on the theme of "resiliant dynamism". We note how this completely coincides with Kujichagulia Villages Development. (LIBMP2-3242) The Falcon Forum Vol 415 - Topics include: Ujamaa and the legacy of Dr. Julius Nyerere in Tanzania; dynamics of post-colonial leadership; IMF and World bank SAP policies; 2013 year in review; the massive impact of the Syrian crisis; the West verses the BRICS East; shaken U.S. military hegemony and geo-politics; impace of climate change and superstorms; massive power outage in U.S. and declining infrastructure; rise of Putin and Russian power; post-Mandela South Africa land reform; who could unite the GOP in mid-term elections?; failing cities and the zombie apocalypse; sport stadiums and the corporatization of urban economics; predictions for 2014 in politics, economy, society, global affairs and cultural integrity; making risky and focused predictions.
Longevity Bible Study Vol 5: Pt 1 Fitness Training for Longevity; Pt 2 Longevity Diet verses Living Superfood - We complete our extended study of Gary Small's book by first looking at three primary means of keeping the body fit through exercise including cardiovascular training, stretching and balance, as well as strength training. Many different forms of great exercise are recommended and explored. Next hour, our look at his recommended Longevity Diet shows many significant flaws as it is overly dependent on non-vegan nutrition. Yet some of his advice is right on track and we do our best to fill in the gaps and not leave our people vulnerable to poorly researched and often contradictory advice on eating healthy with full satisfaction of our gustatory needs. (LIBMP3-3224E) Goals and Goal Setting, Mission, Goals and Objectives / Black Star Media Goals for the Coming Seasons - In the first hour we use the workbook by Larrie A. Rouillard as a basis for our understanding of how critical missions drive us toward very specific goals and objectives a means of getting these goals accomplished. This is systematic process with easily identified steps that any an all of us can build upon. Next hour, the Black Star group of media agencies all have very specific missions. As we go off of daily broadcasts we need to make it clear that those who continue to partner with us should expect continued and increased value for their investment in these vehicles. Information must be organized and developed before it becomes power. (LIBMP3-3244)
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  Longevity Bible Study Vol 4 Master Your Environment 1 & 2 - Todays study covers critical areas that are directly under our individual control including functionality and aesthetics in the home and work space; managing exposure to sun, urban pollution or indoor pollutants; staying safe on the highways, ergonomic designs for our working environment, staying out of technology overload, caring for our elderly family members as well as creating a cleaner, less polluted society. When it comes down to it, chronic illness and premature aging are a direct consequence of a spectrum of environmental stresses. With this conciousness in our minds throughout the day, we can definitely have major impact on our quality of longevity. (LIBMP3-3224D) Investment Development Opportunities in Africa: Pt 1 China and Zambia Pt 2 Agriculture and Uganda's Opportunities - Challenged to come up with a comprehensive understanding of development issues, today we continue our extended study of the great opportunities for investment, growth and development on the African continent. We look at this development from the late 1960's when many newly-decolonized African countries were on a steep development path that was cut off by IMF and World bank policies. China enters the scene with purchase of one gold mine in Zambia and has now ridden that to the major development power on the entire continent. You and I could be doing even better if we make bold and decisive moves. (LIBMP3-3239) Karast-Ma'at-Kwanzaa Festival Days / Christianity, Violence and Political Conquest w/ Conscious Rasta and Kwame Pianki - In the first hour we cover the integration of ancient Egyptian (Kemetian) principles into the seasonal festival we know as Kwanzaa. This analysis corrects some of the ideas which are falsely promoted by Chrisianity, including the Winter Solstice, importance of the cosmoloy, solar and lunar rituals and the Day of Birth of Heru. Next, we take a forensic look at the origins of Christianity as one of the most violent political and religions cults in world history. From the Crusades, to Inquisition, enslavement and mass murder of women, indigenous people and heretics, this record cannot be ignored. We also debunk many myths about this religion that persist to this date because of it's political power. (LIBMP3-3240) Declining Black America verses Developing Tanzania / Umoja Marketing to Help Unify Our People with Aunkh Aakhu and Conscious Rasta - In the first hour we compare solidly negative trends in 14 key areas of lifestyle for Africans in America to the potential for phenomenal growth and development in the East African nation of Tanzania. Times are bad and getting worse quickly for many Diaspora members. Yet with just a few redirections in these key areas we can become the masters of our sustainable fate. The commitment of $32 billion in development funds to the EAC seaport and transportation on the coast of Tanzania will completely change the dynamics for central and east Africa in the coming years. The project starts 11 months from now. Will our people participate or spend another season on the sidelines while others compete for the future of global economics? (LIBMP3-3241)
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  Holiday Shopping and Borrowing, Seasonal Bankruptcy Filings / Guerilla Marketing Vol 3 Marketing that Pays You - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh Aakhu and Conscious Rasta - We continue our extended series of reports on global economics with two hours devoted to domestic issues. First, we look closely at patterns of holiday shopping and borrowing. Positive tactics are emphasized first as to how to maximize our advantage of shopping at this time. Then we look at the big upturn in bankruptcy filings in January and February. Next, we return to the series on Guerilla Marketing strategies for our third volume of critical research. Our business community can do so much better by taking advantage of these strategies. (LIBMP3-3236) Insecurity and Peaceful Development in African Nations Central African Republic, South Sudan and Nigeria / Brilliant Plan to Organize Our Resources During the Kwanzaa Celebrations - In the first hour we look behind the headlines of wars breaking out in the C.A.R. and South Sudan, as well as ongoing conflicts in Nigeria. Familiar hidden hands get exposed as we look at the natural resources of these areas and who wants to control them. Next hour, upcoming Kwaanza celebrations will allow us a chance to get organized within weeks to seriously impact the conditions that are undermining our community, family and global development. This may be the best time of the year to implement this 10-point plus strategic initiative. (LIBMP3-3237) The Falcon Forum Vol 414 - HOT show today: desperation grows in C.A.R. and other former French colonies; the White Alliance of USA, UK and France and neo-liberal imperialism; $8.5 in DOD spending unaccounted for since '96; Edward Snowden's complex background, was he a Chinese-Russian asset?; PayPal buys off NSA whistleblowers?; future of cyber warfare; Fukushima, nuclear bombs and the poisoning of the world; natural detoxing agents and cancer; good news coming from Zimbabwe; Uganda looks East for its economic future; fertility, multi-racial births and population control; Rockefeller money and HBCU's; Rabsom Lungu joins us for an extended discussion of investment, development and industrial opportunities in Zambia, why don't Afri-Amers participate in continental development ops? (LIBMP3-3238)

LIBRadio December 2013 Support Drive

We're in our semi-annual fund drive for LIBRadio and LIBtv. We invite you to donate any amount which will be applied to our extensive costs for bringing these networks and other Pan African communications. All donations will be reciprocated with wonderful bonus downloads, print materials, DVD's and books.


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The Falcon Forum Vol 413 - Topics include: snow in Egypt and rising oceans; toward building green economies; African nations and BRICS; problems with Francophone and Anglophone African unity; new bodels of urban development verses global warming; leapfrogging African technology development; communications, energy and transportation development priorities; lingering Mandela and ANC legacy; inequality in South Africa and land reform; selling out for fun and profit; comparing Africa's GDP to Blacks in the U.S.; filling in the gap between college education and developing the Motherland; an intense debate on short planning possibilities; toxic asia, making a good plan; and more. (LIBMP3-3233)

Longevity Bible Book Study Vol 3 Pt 1 & 2 Stress-Free Living - In our third study session on the book we focus on the fourth of the 8 essentials to optimal health and longevity. This chapter is all about stress and the impact that stress can have on our health, immune system, cardio health, mental stability and optimistic outlook. The author shares critical areas where the biological research shows how stress impacts the body and mind. The number of specific techniques is impressive and includes meditiation, anger release, work-stress strategies, laughter, yoga, acupuncture, laughing techniques, exercise, reducing clutter, and dozens of other useful techniques.
Critical Need to Create a Great Institution / Dr. Richard King, Honoring the Ancestral Ascendance - In the first hour we look at the challenge to the global African family to seize the momentum and develop an integrated system that can move our people from the bottom of economic, social and political caste and to secure an empowered future. We consider which single area should be acted upon first: media, education, economics? Next, we announce the Ancestral Ascending of Dr. Richard King and his pioneering research into melanin science, spirituality and African origins of psychiatry. His life is remembered by those who knew him well including Brother Jamaal who interviewed him many times on LIBRadio. (LIBMP3-3234) The Practicality of Pan African Economics - In this two-hour program we initiate an intensive investigative research into convincing more of our people to participate in the newest "scramble for Africa." On a very broad front, African development is leading much of the world in rates of rise in GDP growth, industrial production, extractive industries and rising domestic consumption. When these trends are all taken together, we can no longer deny that we have been grossly negligent in getting systematically involved in these growth trends. Our ultimate question which MUST be answered is what is holding us back from getting into this contest for the next century of African wealth development? (LIBMP3-3235)
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  Falcon Forum Vol 412 - Topics include: Impact of the life and death of Nelson Mandela; unfinished land reform in Africa; the Inkatha-ANC conflict forgotten; revolutionaries and proxy armies; the SADF defeat at Cuito Cuarnavale; Aparthied and Jim Crow; is capatilism in decline?; reigning in the banks; globalism from Quigley to Pan Africanism; economic independence; what are our priorities?; using available resources and leveraging our power; food as liberation; post-nuclear family; global population control; technology transfer to the Motherland; battle over minimum wage; deconstructing the matrix of consumerism; stuck at the bottom of the labor market; and more. (LIBMP3-3229) Major Acquisitions in the Food Markets and Our Non-Participation / Housing Affordability Crisis Rent Is Up and Income is Down - In the first hour we look closely at two new major mergers of food distribution in the U.S. The Sysco-US Foods merger, managed at $8.2 billion dollars for the acquisition is expected to bring in $65 billion a year. Whitewave is acquiring Earth Bound to create one of the largest distributors of organic and healthy foods. Next hour, the cost of housing has been consistently rising and is getting worse as wealth gets more concentrated and real income continues to decline. This is now put many families into housing finance burden, especially in the biggest cities. (LIBMP3-3230) Alcohol Causes 5 Diseases While Ginger Prevents Reproductive Cancers, PSA Testing / Land Reform Success in Zimbabwe, Reversal in the US - Power packed shows today, in the first hour we first show how alcohol consumption is linked to at least 5 chronic diseases, then we highlight the miracle of the superfood ginger to prevent and defeat cancer. We also show the absolute failure of PSA testing to add value to men's lives. Next, despite media lies to the contrary we show how Zimbabwe's controversial land reform turned out to be the best solution for the Zimbabwe people. Rightwing think tanks are caught in a lie using the CIA data. Further, the opposite of land reform occured in the U.S. as bankers and the wealthy stole the peoples real estate wealth. (LIBMP3-3231) Africa's Economic Boom Leads the World from Der Spiegel / Guerrilla Marketing 202: No-Cost Marketing for US - In the first hour, a very convincing article from the German press points out the boom that the African continent has undergon in the last decade. $1.7 trillion is the annual GDP for the 54 countries. China and the West are making a renewed scramble to control this development. African Americans must wake up and smell this opportunity. Next, Aunkh Aakhu has produced another level of research into how small and mid-size businesses can overcome their marketing gap. This is real information and you and I can take this to the bank if we understand and then apply these valuable rules. (LIBMP3-3232)
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  Ketosis, Water Fasting and Rapid Weight Loss / Exposing Sham Journalism, the Flu Season and the Impact of Contaminated Food - Another great set of healthy living programs today. First we whow how you can reasonably expect great weight loss results from water fasting, from 6 to 9 lbs in 5 days. Yet, you must know the rules and the risks in order to engage the process safely. All of us need to do periodic water fasts even for only a day. Next, observe how the news media perpetuates mythologies about infectious flu and "norovirus" while covering up the widespread diseases caused by contaminated meats and refined, highly processed carbohydrates along with artifical ingredients. (LIBMP3-3226) November 2013 LIBRadio Collection on MP3 - This past month we had great programs and this collection has over 40 hours on: ancient spirituality; recording artist Aria Elan; holiday shopping madness; coming economic crises; a book study on ecology; four hours of the Falcon Forum; mind control and marketing; business and entrepreneurship;  GMO corruption of our food; media; the Kennedy assassination; superfoods and health strategies; developing global agribusinesses; politics; news analysis; and much more.  This is truly an awesome collection of just one month of why we had to have our own media to contain our own intillegence and creativity. All this for only $50, a discount of over 50%
Battle Over Minimum Wage and Wealth Concentration / Guerilla Marketing 101 Low Cost Market Techniques - On this day that it is expected that across hundreds of U.S. cities fast food employee will stage protests in order to demand and secure livable wages, we examine this struggle and why we stand in solidarity with the workers against the greedy backers of the American restaurant association. In the second hour, Aunkh Aakhu and the Conscious Rasta bring another Mastering Monetization session focusing on how the tactics of Guerrilla marketing can best serve the needs and resources of small to medium businesses in our communities. Until we can grow to compete against the bigger corporate business establishment, our methods will have to use these techniques.. (LIBMP3-3227) Fitting and Proper Tribute to Mandela and the Unfinished Struggle in Southern Africa - The man known as Madiba, Nelson Mandela has transitioned on to the Realm of the Ancestors. Today we look at key aspects of his life which so endeared him to billions around the world and made him such a bitter enemy to others, including other Blacks. His relationship to other revolutionary leaders, the battle at Cuito Cuanavale in Angola, the parallel to the civil rights struggle in the U.S., as well as the unfinished struggle all come under our scrutiny. We must understand that his battle is NOT an isolated battle. There were many others whose names much be raised when we discuss the complex history which makes up the story of the transition to majority rule in South Africa and around the world. (LIBMP3-3228)
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  Decoding the Essene Book of Moses 10 Commandments / Engineering of Consent Analysis of Edward Bernays - First up we examine part of those ancient religious tracts which helped make up the modern bible but which were severely altered by the Romans. These Essene gospels provide us with a much more accurate and expanded view of what has been filtered down to be the Ten Commandments. We must understand the concepts presented herein as "universal law" as opposed to a schitzophrenic "God." Next, we go further into mind control and share this important essay from the man credited with being the father of modern mind control, mass marketing and group-think management. This is very shocking but also very revealing. (LIBMP3-3222) Falcon Forum Vol 411 - Topics include: Black consciousness and ethnic economics in Brazil; learning Diaspora languages; breaking beyond national boundaries; BRICS and the new awareness of globalization; technical and development opportunities abroad; practical steps to competing globally; migrating toward developing countries; making Black Nationalism more practical; African socialism vrs Western capitalism; the rocky start of China in Zambia; fasting and detoxification for the season; our distinguished think tank; the fear of building an African future; progress in the East African Community; confrontation between China and the U.S. & Japan; will China sink the U.S. economy?; competing against the CFR; supplying development technologies; and more. (LIBMP3-3223) The Longevity Bible Study - Vol 1 Pt 1 Quality Longevity / Pt 2 Sharpen Your Mind - In the first session of this book study by Gary Smalls, we first engage an overview of his 8 Essential Strategies for Keeping Your Mind Sharp and Your Body Young, and begin to comprehend how this series of lifestyle changes will result in more quality years added to our lives. Next, we focus on the first of these 8 steps with strategies to strengthen our mental capacities, increase memory and IQ, develop more complex brain synapses and to assure that we will extract ourselves from the current epidemics of dymentia and Alzheimer's disease that are sweeping this nation and threaten to devastate every household if we are not mindful of these trends. (LIBMP3-3224A) AIDS, Abortion and Obama's Population Control Initiatives / Fasting and Detoxification to Prevent Acute and Chronic Disease and Obesity - In the first hour we return to a theme that has been aired in more than a hundred hours throughout our long history. Based upon several recent initiatives from the U.S. President, we have come to conclude that there is an added push in the coming year to reduce the number of childbirths to African women. How has the AIDS pandemic evolved to be a sophisticated eugenics operation? Is HIV real or a hoax? What is the evidence of the "invention" of the AIDS virus? Next, we discuss a great way to overcome this diagnosis as well as a broad spectrum of immune disorders, diabetes, CVD, and other risks by systematically detoxifying our bodies. This info can save your life. (LIBMP3-3225)
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  Discordant Harmonies Book Study Vol 5 - Pt 1 Divine Nature 2 and Organic Nature 1 / Pt 2 Organic Nature and Conclusion - In the first hour we pick up again on the theme that Nature is a divine element and explore how this idea evolved in post-Greek society. There are times when we must stop and contrast this to the ways that our ancient African societies viewed the same concepts. Next hour, we consider the various interrelated systems of the body of nature and show the wonderful balance between beautiful harmony and destructive forces. By comprehending these opposing forces, we begin to understand the wholeness of it all. We conclude the study by giving our people the direction in which we would educate ours and future generations to be better marshals of natural environment.
Maca, the Andes Superfood Aphrodisiac / Getting Cutting Edge Info and Applying It for Practical Liberation - In the first hour we showcase the awesome benefits of a popular superfood called "the Andes aphrodesiac" and one of the most potent adaptogens we know of. The benefits of this superfood seem like a miracle, especially its impact on our reproductive and mental health. Next, I share sources of information that can be very useful for those of us who are intending on moving beyond rhetoric or reactionary patterns, toward real, practical and functional nation-building. Get these sources and get inspired to change the future for yourself, family, community and the whole world. (LIBMP3-3219) Exploring Epidemics of Modern Disease / Socialism Is the Best - In the first hour we deconstruct much of the mythology which Western medicine has created around its superiority to natural health systems. In areas of disease prevention through vaccines and medical technology there are many things that people believe that are simply NOT true. You will be shocked at just how bad has been the evolution of these interventions. Next, looking at part of the impact of Obamacare, that of increased socialized medicine through Medicaid, we come to determine that in health, economics, defending our culture and advancing ourselves as individuals within larger social structures, there is no avoiding the fact that socialism is best for human development. (LIBMP3-3220) Dangerous Military Confrontation Brewing in the South China Sea / Black Friday Shopping Madness - In the first hour we look at the geopolitical games which lead to world wars. Currently the U.S., China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malysia are all competing to have access and control over some of the most important sea lanes in the Pacific. The drums of war are beating loudly righ now and this could get worse. Next, Aunkh Aakhu and Conscious Rasta put this holiday shopping madness and hysteria into context of how we can utilize the same energies to empower our community be redirecting these shopping trends into self-determining investments and marketing strategies.
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  Opportunities in Emerging Market Infrastructure Development / Aria Elan Recording Artist and Pan African Activist - In the first hour we begin with a Foreign Affairs article which explains how the U.S. is failing to be competitive in procurring international construction contracts, yielding to other nations. Yet, when it comes to the future of emerging market infrastructure development there is a vast opportunity for us to organize our own resources and get into this lucrative market. Next, my guest is a longtime friend who makes the most beautiful music. We talk about music, popular culture, functional Pan Africanism and how to stay fit. You will love this interview with this wonderful personality.. (LIBMP3-3215) No Agreement on a Road to Empowerment / Seven Strategies for Recession-Proof Marketing - In the first hour we have a reality check regarding the huge gap between our intelligent assessment of the challenges and resources before us and the lack of progress on very important areas. We cannot succumb to pessimism. Our power is in our ability to organize collectively and stay focused on the critical mission. Next. Mastering Monetization w Aunkh Aakhu shares great research that can help businesses to keep moving forward despite the desparation of the larger economy. IF having successful business is YOUR goal, then this info is for you. (LIBMP3-3216) Life in America After the Coup d'Etat of 1963 - Conscious Rasta and Kwame Pianki pair up today for a two-hour special which examines how the assassination of President John Kennnedy opened the door to more political hits in the U.S. and around the world. Our detailed facts are shared in no small part from Jim Douglass's book JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE. Beyond the facts of the killing, which are being reversed every day by the corporate media and oligarchy, we need to have in mind how this has influenced every part of this society and evolution of world affairs. Please give us a chance to compete with the guilty powerbrokers toward putting this story together correctly. You and your children deserve to NOT be lied to about this historical event. (LIBMP3-3217) Falcon Forum Vol 410 - Topics include: do intelligence agencies monitor the Falcon Forum for ideas?; cutting loose African Americans; mental enslavement and cultural dominance; building villages to make the best of a bad situation; what if the system collapses?; Afrocentricity is stagnant and frozen; can socialism save us?; where are real black leaders?; a debate on economics as a panacea to solve all of our problems; diet, health and nutrition as salvation; our economic literacy; steps toward liberation and self-determination; putting the homeless in FEMA camps; agribusiness expansion; corrupt African governments; Iran's agreement on nuclear technology and sanctions; Israel frustrating U.S. foreign policy; and more... (LIBMP3-3218)
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  Discordant Harmonies Book Study Vol 4 Pt 1 Tropical Rainforests and Preserving Species Habitat / Pt 2 Order and Disorder in Nature - In the first hour we take a fantastic tour to the tropical zones to again witness the incredible dynamic change in the way that the natural order is organized. It is critical to understanding the ways that nature is shifting while yet remaining in flux over centuries. Next hour the theme is taken further to demonstrate the dynamic energy, the give and take of Earth forces. This is complex scientific analysis here and not for those who aren't able to focus their attention on science and ecology.
Coming Economic Crash of 2016 Pt 1 Thom Hartman and Ravi Batra Speak / What to Do to Prepare Now - Two weeks after our listeners first heard very specific information indicating a major economic crash in 2016, we have now found other groups laying out their case for the same crisis. The first hour showcases a conversation between two individuals who make the case for the collapse based upon the economics of globalization. In the second hour we lay out five key strategies which we can reasonably impliment with our already available resources. We don't have time to waste on indecision. (LIBMP3-3212) African Spiritual Practices from Ancient Panel Discussion - We feature three powerful voices as guests discussing the upcoming Soul Psychic Festival November 16th at the Nat Turner Library at Khalifah's Kujichagulia Village in Virginia. We talk about the particular practices indigenous to African societies. We discuss the god within, the role of the Ntr (nature spirits) in our lives, how nutrition and environment impact our spiritual capacities and how it is absolutely necessary for us to connect to our Ancestors in order to reap benefits of our own spirituality. These revelations go deep toward helping us to overcome debilitating conditions caused by our enslavement and the stripping of our own long record of spiritual growth and development. (LIBMP3-3213) FISA Court Documents Reveal Illegal Email Collection and Ongoing Coverup / Three Most Dangerous Contanimants in the Food Supply - The rathole which is exposing the extensive domestic spying scandal that has engulfed both the Bush and Obama administrations gets even deeper with the forced sharing of FISA Court rulings documents. What is plainly clear is that a lot of illegal, unconstitutional and extra-legal activity did take place and it is still being covered up today. Next hour, federal regulatory agencies should be castigated for the absolute failure to keep three deadly components out of the U.S. food supply. There are no excuses which could explain this failure despite decades of accurate scientific warnings that these toxic agents are ruining people's health. This is a scandal and conspiracy that will continue until we protect ourselves. (LIBMP3-3214)
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  GMO, Roundup and the Slow Poisoning of Nations - We begin with shocking new information showing that the impact of Monsant's Roundup is far more devastating on human gut bacteria than has been previously known. We go through a number of research papers showing the mechanism of this injury and the broad set of diseases associated with it. In the second hour we go further into more than a dozen different ways that people are poisoning themselves everyday. Chewicide is our term for our voluntary injuring and killing ourselves with these poisonous substances in the food environment. We now have the tools to fight back but, will we fight? (LIBMP3-3207) One Trillion Dollars in African Agribusiness Development, How Much is OURS? / Soul Psychic Fair and the Restoration of Our Action Agenda - In the first hour we review World Bank and other online resources in their determination that African continental agribusiness has a potential for phenomenal grown. In particular, organic food production, food processing and exporting are expected to develop. The key missing ingredient is capital investment and management from more experienced sources outside of the continent. Next, an upcoming conference in Virginia gives us an opportunity to reconnect our mind-body-spirit to our indigenous African roots.
LPFM Licenses and Missed Opportunities on the Highway of Life / News Stories of the Day and What They Truly Mean - We aim to inform our people as to as many avenues toward their empowerment as we possibly can. In the first hour we recall years of lettint our people know that a brief window would open whereby the FCC would allow a few new Low Power FM broadcasters licenses to be acquired. Well that window will close in a few days. Next hour, just lookiing through major news stories in the world today we can still see both threat and opportunity with each examination. How can we get our people into motion before we decline to the point that we are completely spent and incable of any investment at all? (LIBMP3-3210) The Falcon Forum Vol 409 - Topics include: How daylight savings time steals our labor value; were people smarter 10,000 years ago?; Rockefeller control over medicine and the AMA; healthcare disparities; Obama driving the car over the cliff; U.S. losing the technical edge; shortcomings of black leadership, gentrification of Detroit continues; black campus culture of partying; shootings in barber shops; ghetto subculture; superstorm devastates the Phillipines; warnings before storms hit; the cyclone of globalization; fear of investing in Africa; fear of our own languages; Angola's new superwealthy elite; bailing out EU PIIGS; opportunities all around us verses the subculture of dependence; obsession with Scandal tv show; and more... (LIBMP3-3211)
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  Wealth Concentration and the Coming Crash of 2016 - We use a broad base of highly credible research data to build a case that trends which have concentrated so much wealth in the super rich will result in another major economic crash in the near future. We show how these cycles are predictable over time, how this concentration of wealth ignores the interests of the citizens, how so-called ObamaCare is just another wealth transfer, and how top economic analysts all conclude that Fed and debt policies are not only unsustainable but will not create the jobs they claim to want. This is one of the best and most important studies in our recent history on LIBRadio. You need to know this info and our practical solution to this impending crash.
Unfixable ObamaCare and the Bankrupting of America / Effortless Selling for Black Businesses Mastering Monetization - First up we show that there are fundamental flaws in the Affordable Care Act that will not be fixed by fixing the website. When the insurance companies successfully lobbied to have them at the core of the new system, it was doomed to bankrupt already stressed families and empower Wall Street casinos again. Next, Aunkh Aakhu and Keidi discuss how black businesses can use some of the same practices and techniques of the big corporations to making marketing much easier and more effective. (LIBMP3-3205) Pitfalls of Crass Consumerism and the Holiday Shopping Season / Throwing Hail Mary Passes Genius Is as Genius Does - Conscious Rasta Rant - First up we show how the failing economy is still not stopping people from engaging in the holiday shopping madness. Just how bad is our commitment to Christmas, Halloween and these other seasonal consumer holidays? What are people spending money on? How badly are families risking debt in order to cave into sophisticated marketing campaigns from corporations? It's worse than you might imagine. Next, this Rant exposes the long record of blown opportunities to advance the race by our own members. Are we deathly afraid to take risks on behalf of our own self-interests? Enjoy this download for free. (LIBMP3-3206)
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  German and Brazilian Fallout Over NSA Spying on Their Leaders / Mount Kilimanjaro of Black Business - Continuing fallout from the devastating revelations of the massive NSA spying scandal is becoming apparent in relations between the U.S. and allies around the world. Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, Russia, China and others are setting alternet systems to counter U.S. hegemony and Internet dominance. In the secon hour, Aunkh Aakhu and the Conscious Rasta discuss the symbol of Africa's highest mountain as perfect metaphor for the challenges before black businesses. While we are indeed handicapped by a number of cultural habits and practices, there is great reason to be optimistic and to better apply our resources for better outcome. (LIBMP3-3201) The Falcon Forum Vol 408 - Topics include: African American $1.1 trillion spending compared to nations; bad economic leadership; fact verses beliefs; the nation is tanking; black community values and the national ethic; getting new plans into place; running out of time; protecting Keidi from enemies; black intelligensia in crisis; pulling team collaboration together; who are our best team players; using technology for the group; Google's offshore data barge discovered; old and new government spying; making progress on black campuses; and more. (LIBMP3-3202) Discordant Harmonies Book Study Vol 3 - Pt 1 Stability of Species Populations / Procession of Plant Species Between Ice Ages - We continue the previous chapter with deeper exploration of the evolution of ecology science and the ways that population number within species of plants and animals naturally fluctuate over wide ranges during different periods of that species existence. In the second hour our attention is now over the long pleistocene period of as many as a dozen ice ages and how forest woods give us the broadest perspective of the diversity of species and their geographical distribution. We are able to tie this into our studies of anthropology and the presence of two types of human evolution, which leads to next weeks lessons. The fate of mankind is definitely tied to the warming and cooling of the planet but in ways that most people aren't imagining. (LIBMP3-3193C) Grow Your Own Organic Food / My Government Lies About Everything - In the first hour we share research from the upcoming book LIVING SUPERFOOD RESEARCH on how any of us can get fresh organic produce from our own garden. These techniques have been developed hands-on for decades and using them you will avoid many of the fundamental mistakes that new gardeners make which can ruin the season. Next, the current scandal of NSA spying on friendly nation leaders exposes more layers of lying to the world. Even further, this government lies about health, finances, within the media, "American exceptionalism", crime and human rights. Why then do so many of us continue to trust them with our babies' lives? (LIBMP3-3203)
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  Super Performance Nutritional Supplements, What I Take / Schools For Sale Across America, Let's Buy Some of Them - In the first hour I go through my stash of supplements and identify that vitamins, minerals, herbs, aminos, enzymes, probiotics and compounds which I consider to be critical nutrition. We give detailed explanation on a dozen of the most powerful agents. Next, school closures in Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, DC, NYC and Kansas City have put hundreds of valuable real estate on the markets at "negotiable" prices. Why doesn't our African Centered movement make itself known as the critical foce of revitalization and rejuvenation of these valuable properties? Are we "faking the funk?"
Full-Spectrum Hyper Nutrition Research - This is the 15th chapter of the soon-to-be-released book LIVING SUPERFOOD RESEARCH and the chapter in which we focus on the foundation theme of full-spectrum nutrition. The human machine is truly a miracle of creation and is designed to repair, restore and rejuvenate itself. Yet, we see such waves of chronic disease affecting whole populations largely due to the neglegence of people to comprehend the role of optimized nutrition toward maintaining the health which is our birthright. In the simplest language necessary, we show how this awareness gap can be overcome in a remarkably short time with a few lifestyle changes.

researchSCOMING SOON - LIVING SUPERFOOD RESEARCH Book Publishing - At a point people have to realize that we must take responsibility to save ourselves from committing “chewicide.” A persistent problem remains that the food that many are eating negatively impacts basic brain function and intelligence. Commercial advertising has for decades been based not upon logic and practicality, but has appealed to illogical, deeply-rooted emotions and superficial motivations. Our first step is to come back to our senses and recognize that there is a difference between healthy food and that which sustains deadly profits. We have more accurate scientific information than ever before on how the body systems function together and the role of full-spectrum nutrition in optimizing these systems. You can make a donation today to get this book to the printer in 30 days. Our vision is to put 10,000 copies of this book into the community and to change the way that we manage our healthcare resources.

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