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You can listen to The LIBRadio Broadcast stream with the ubroadcast player. On your first visit, you will be prompted to install the free player. The station can only be heard from ubroadcast on their player.
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Support this station and listen ad-free with Live365 Preferred Membership!Support the LIBRadio Network
If you do subscribe to Live365 as a Preferred Listener, do so using this link as we will be compensated for your supscription
One of the most common problems listeners have loggin onto is because there is no Java program installed on their computer. Without this program, many automated functions of web sites simply will not work. Click here to install the Java engine on your Windows based computer.

AOL Users have been having problems logging on of recent.
Here's a good working fix

If you have problems connecting to our stream, the following checklist should solve your problem:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (not AOL Browser) and try the following, if it still doesn't work use the Netscape browser. Be careful about using old browser releases. For new releases click one of the following: Internet Explorer | Netscape.
  2. In the address bar link to; input "Liberation Radio" [without the quotation marks] into the Live365 search box and hit enter.
  3. When that page comes up click the yellow speaker to the left of the name Liberation Radio
  4. Closely follow the instructions on the page. We recommend using the Live365 player to play the streaming mp3 files even though they can be set up to play with either RealMedia player or Windows Media or any other mp3 stream player.
  5. Make sure your modem can pull at least 33 kps (our stream runs at 32kps, old modems should be replaced by a 56k modem).
  6. Live365 has set up a troubleshooting page at:
  7. If all that doesn't work, call us during business hours (9-6 PM pst) and we'll talk you through it: 310.673.5423


  • How much memory does your computer have? I recommend a minimum of 256 megs of ram. Memory is so cheap today that many people are running their computers at 512 megs and above. I run all of my computers at 512 megs to 1000 megs of ram.
  • Are you still using dialup as opposed to DSL or cable? Check how much you are paying each month. A $22.95 a month dialup account is only pennies a day from having DSL as cheap as $26.95 a month. Think about it - 12 times faster PLUS you can use your telephone at the same time...You can't beat broadband for true Internet experience.
  • Have you got an old slow modem? The new V.92 standard of modem, which is so easy to install, will increase your speed significantly over the old V.90 standard.
  • Is your house telephone wiring all "jacked up"? If you have rigged a bunch of telephones up on single lines or have old wiring, there's a good chance that your dialup connection can't pull it's full load. Check in the tasktray (bottom right of the Windows desktop) and point at your modem to see if it is pulling at least 48 to 51 kps.
  • Have you got too many programs running in the background? Many of us have a bunch of stuff running in the background taking up our processor resources that we are unaware of. Turning these extra programs off will definitely improve your computer's performance. You do have to know your stuff in turning these things off.

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